With many different watch brands and styles available today, one watch stands out as an excellent option for men, the trusted Aviator. These watches have existed for over a hundred years; they are reliable, bold, and stylish. But when should you wear an Aviator watch? Let’s find out!

Aviator watches are classic, bold, and fashionable. Aviator watches were originally worn for aviation purposes. However, not only pilots wear them. They go well with casual, formal, business wear as well as a T-shirt and jeans. No matter what outfit you wear, your Aviator watch suits everything.

It is essential to know when to wear a particular style of watch, particularly the more flashy and larger watches like an Aviator watch. An Aviator watch’s primary functions are exact timekeeping, clear dial markings, and ruggedness. This article looks at this classic watch in detail and when to wear it.

The Aviator Watch’s Rich History

Aviator watches are trendy today for their classic look and clear legibility essential to aviators. However, the Aviator watch is more than just a style preference. These watches were vital instruments for pilots in the early days of aviation. The classic Aviator watch as we know it today was born out of necessity.

The watches pilots wore in the early days of flight were simply repurposed field watches. These watches had to be precise and readable in bad visibility conditions.

Santos Dumont, a Brazilian aviator, ordered a wristwatch from his friend Louis Cartier that he wanted to wear during the flight in 1904. The original design featured exposed screws on the bezel of the gold square-faced watch. It was officially launched in 1911 and named the Cartier Santos watch.

The Cartier Santos Aviator watch had features that could calculate airspeed, fuel consumption, navigation, lift and tell time precisely. After that victorious launch, air forces worldwide started to design Aviator watches with specific functions vital to flying.

The German Luftwaffe designed the “Flieger” style Aviator watch in the 1930s. These watches were originally as big as 2 inches and issued to pilots and navigators who required precise timing and navigation.

Stowa, IWC, and Laco, three of the original five manufacturers, still manufacture “Fliegers” today.  The watches are not as big as those days; their sizes have been significantly reduced.

During WWI and WWII, the Aviator watches were used extensively and were vital navigational tools for precise and coordinated warfare.

Through the decades, the Aviator watch has seen many design changes that helped simplify the Aviator watch’s functions. These design changes were significant innovations that enhanced the mechanical engineering of this classic watch to a modern flight instrument, wrapped up in a functional watch that was compact enough to sit on a pilot’s wrist. 

Some of the most popular Aviator watches like the Big Pilot, B-Uhren, IWC Mark, Type 20, 21 Breguet timepieces, and the German Wempe, Laco, Stowa, and Lange navigation watches were produced.

Design changes like the clock and circular slide features were introduced to cope with the ever-changing flight demands. Most Aviator watches feature basic military design and exclusive aviation features to function and use during flight.

When to Wear an Aviator Watch

Aviator watches are classic, sophisticated, and iconic, and knowing when to wear an Aviator watch is not complicated. Aviator watches are easily recognizable for their enormous sizes, triangle marker at 12 o’clock, easy-to-read dials, and large ratcheted crown, also affectionally referred to as an onion.

With so many beautiful designs to choose from, it is easy to find an Aviator watch that fits your style and outfit. Most Aviator watches pair well with formal, business, and casual outfits any time of the day or night.

The classic and iconic Aviator watch is available in many designs today, making them a favorite choice for most men.  You can wear an Aviator watch anytime you choose; they fit any style and complement most outfits beautifully, both up in the sky and down on Earth. 

Aviator watches are typically sold to men who never flew an airplane, which is perfectly fine as Aviator watches are not exclusively manufactured for pilots.  Aviator watches are perfect for anyone to wear on any occasion and at any time. There are no constraints when it comes to the Aviator watch. 

Design Attributes of the Modern Aviator Watch

Excellent Luminosity – Aviator watches should be readable for low light and night flight conditions. Their hands are typically coated with a luminous coating to increase visibility during low light conditions.

Large and Legible Dials – Pilots should read the time accurately no matter the conditions. Most Aviator watches are equipped with dark, broad dials with contrasting numbers. Visible dials are an exclusive characteristic of Aviator watches.

Bezel Markings – Extra markings on the bezel help with measurements like wind angle correction and fuel consumption.

Large Winding Crown – The large winding crown lets the pilot grip and wind the crown even while wearing thick pilot flight gloves.

GMT and Dual Time Functions – Most Aviator watches are equipped with a dual time or GMT function to access synchronized universal time or different time zones.

Best Aviator Watches

Fighter jet commander or airline captain, the daring lifestyle of a pilot, captures most people’s imaginations. Maybe it’s the thought of flying thousands of feet in the air or the jet-setting lifestyle. What better way to channel all that excitement than wearing one of the world’s best Aviator watches?

All genuine Aviator watches are made from quality materials to withstand heavy turbulence and high altitude. Once you own an Aviator watch, you won’t need another watch for a lifetime. Aviator watches can be worn daily with any style or outfit comfortably.

Aviator watches are not just made; they are born from a passion for flying, superb craftsmanship, and innovative design. Here are some Aviator watches that personify the classic beauty of aviation in all its forms. These watches embody the heroes of the past and combine the spirit of aviation in design and function. Take a look at our top choices of aviation-inspired watches.

Airacobra Chronograph P45 Aviator Watch

This excellent Aviator watch is named after the Bell P-39 Airacobra fighter plane produced for the United States Army Airforce during WWII. The Airacobra P-39 was one of the primary fighter planes that served the United States in aerial combat. The Airacobra P-39 was a remarkable fighter plane that supported allied troops on the ground during the war.

Incorporating its trusted spirit into the design of the Airacobra Chrono P45 Aviator watch, it features a classic look that deserves an honorable place on your wrist.

The Airacobra Chronograph P45 Aviator watch is priced at $545.00 and can be found online at: https://aviatorwatch.swiss/en/us/watches/aviator-watch-airacobra/airacobra-p45-chrono/v-2-25-0-169-4

Bristol Scout Aviator Watch

The swift and highly maneuverable Bristol Scout was a single-seater fighter aircraft used in 1916 as a reconnaissance aircraft.

The Bristol Scout plane quickly established air superiority and pioneered the concept of a single-seat fighter plane.

Inspired by the spirit of early flight, the distinctive pocket watch design and vintage style strap transport you back in time to when the first pilot wristwatch took flight. The Bristol Scout Aviator watch is priced at $1 295.00 and can be bought online at:


Douglas Dakota Aviator Watch

The Dakota C-47 aircraft was notorious for its heroic feats and played an instrumental role in WWII. Affectionally is known as the Skytrain. The C-47 was a military transport plane that was instrumental and extensively used by the Allies in WWII. The Dakota stayed in front-line service with several military forces for many years.

By incorporating military precision and vintage elegance, the Douglas Dakota Aviator watch reflects the same timeless spirit in its design.

The Douglas Dakota Aviator watch costs $1 200.00 and can be purchased online here:


Douglas Day- Date Aviator Watch

The Douglas DC-3 plane flew passengers in style during the Golden Age of aviation, revolutionizing air travel, and played a significant role during WWII in the 1940s.

By incorporating functionality and Art Deco design on the dial, the Douglas Day Date Aviator watch honors the luxury and sophistication of air travel. It is one of the most incredible planes made of all time.

The Douglas Day- Date Aviator watch costs $1 260.00 and can be purchased online at:


MIG-29 SMT Aviator Watch

The Russian twin-engine MIG 29 fighter aircraft entered service in 1983. With stealth-like precision, the MiG-29 was exceptionally agile and, with high-quality performance, managed to raise expectations to new standards and started a new hi-tech era in aviation.

Honoring this multirole fighter plane and its hi-tech generation, the MIG-29 SMT Aviator watch combines the multi-functional logarithmic calculations with cockpit nuances on the bezel to make every second count while in the air or on the ground.

The MIG-29 is made to withstand turbulence and G-forces during flying, and each watch serves as a reminder to stay focused on your life’s journey with its distinctive designs.

The MIG-29 SMT Aviator watch costs $905.00 and can be purchased online at:


Aviator Watch Craftmanship

Rooted in the deep history of aviation, from vintage aircraft to modern fighter jets, each Aviator watch is designed to function flawlessly under actual flying conditions.

Through extensive research on historical facts, new developments in aviation, and discussions with pilots worldwide, Aviator watches ensure top-notch performance to their wearer.

By keeping close ties with military fighter jet pilots, commercial pilots, and vintage aircraft pilots, the design and development of Aviator watches are continuously evolving.

Their craftsmanship and design reflect the spirit of aviation in heroes of the past, modern day, and future aviators.

Aviator watches have up to 200 micro parts, sophisticatedly designed and assembled with high-quality components and materials that function and fit perfectly, creating a superb modern-day Aviator watch.

Only the best quality Swiss-made components are used for Aviator watches. These Swiss-made components offer the best functionality, from precise time and date functions to the multi-functional chronograph movements required.

An Aviator watch case is designed to withstand the most extreme flight conditions airline pilots encounter inflight. The case is manufactured from high-quality 316L anti-magnetic stainless-steel alloy and is water resistant up to 100 meters.

Through passionate development, Aviator watches are manufactured to remind you to set your goals high and achieve the impossible, just like the Wright brothers did.

Designed for daily use, Aviator watches can withstand actual flying conditions and everyday wear and are a trusted companion to anyone who loves their style.

Aviator watches are an excellent choice if you want to wear a watch with an intriguing history, durable, distinct looking, and high-quality. It is style and simplicity, at its best perfect for every man’s wrist.


Most people dreamed of becoming firefighters, jet pilots, or police officers as kids but became someone entirely different when they grew up. The closest we can get to living out our dream of being an actual airline pilot is wearing an Aviator watch. So, when you ask when to wear an Aviator watch, the answer is easy.

Anyone can wear Aviator watches whenever they want; they are designed to complement any style and outfit. Aviator watches were developed through a rich Aviation history, and their design and development reflect it beautifully. Their classic designs and high functionality make them popular with aviation enthusiasts, men of all ages, and airline pilots.

Their main features are precise timekeeping, luminous dial markings, GMT and dual time functions, oversized winding crown, extra aviation bezel markings, and a triangle set at 12 o’clock.

The typical look for an Aviator watch is a large, round case, luminous markings, black dial, and large crown. The Aviator watch’s dial represents this excellent watch’s face and requires strict attention to detail and precision.

Aviator dials not only embody cockpit-styled features, but their distinct designs, stylish finishes, and handcrafted metal indexes meet the highest standards. The luminous coating on indexes for increased visibility in low light conditions is exceptional.

There is an aviation watch to suit every man’s style and fashion. We hope you enjoyed this article and understand when to wear an Aviator watch more clearly.


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