When comparing watch brands, two names often crop up, but comparisons between Tissot and TAG Heuer are hard to draw as the two brands fall into different categories. Watch collectors will likely automatically say that TAG Heuer, as the upper-middle luxury brand, is a better investment than Tissot, which make quality watches at a slightly lower price. But it’s not a straightforward comparison because of this, and I’ll highlight what each brand offers and help you decide if Tag Heuer is better than Tissot for your needs.

TAG Heuer and Tissot are watchmaking companies known for Swiss-made quality timepieces. TAG Heuer watches are generally higher-priced than Tissot, but both offer excellent design and timekeeping using high-quality materials. Collectors consider TAG Heuer better, but Tissot is more affordable.

If you’ve been looking to buy a new luxury watch that is still affordable but has a long history of excellent manufacture and materials, then it’s likely you’ve looked at both Tissot and TAG Heuer. Both companies are Swiss and have been worn by the rich and famous. Tissot is often considered an entry-level luxury watch, with TAG Heuer in a higher price bracket, but which is the better watch?

Is TAG Heuer better Than Tissot?

Luxury Swiss Watchmaker TAG Heuer began their work in 1860 when Edouard Heuer founded the original company and began patenting his wrist and dashboard chronometers designs. Over the years, they have developed many watches, sometimes in collaboration with other watch manufacturers. They have cemented their image as a luxury watch brand worn by film stars and indelibly linked with the rarified world of Formula 1 racing.

Tissot was founded in 1853 By Charles-Felicien Tissot and his son in Switzerland. The company introduced marketing innovations such as the first mass-made pocket watch. It was the first watch company to make watches from previously unused materials like plastic, wood, stone, and mother-of-pearl. Notably linked to Swatch, Tissot watches have been worn by royalty and film stars and are an official time-keeper for many sporting associations.

Both brands strive to move watchmaking forward while keeping the traditional Swiss-made luxury and attention to detail that made them both famous and successful. However, Tissot is generally less expensive than TAG Heuer and is often thought of as the lower end of the luxury watch brands – an entry-level watch.

Both watches have many things to offer, but which one is better will depend on your watch needs and how much money you are prepared to spend. On the surface, TAG Heuer is a higher-end brand, but Tissot is one of the cheapest luxury brands, with luxury styling and high-end features at a reasonable price.

Are Tag Heuer Watches Quartz or Automatic?

Quartz watches run on batteries, while the wearer’s movement charges automatic watches.

Mechanical watches with gears and springs that need to be manually wound daily were refined by the invention of the automatic mechanical watch. A Free-spinning rotor winds the watch mainspring while the wearer is moving.

Quartz batteries were first introduced in 1969 by Seiko, and they resulted in more accurate watches that were easier to mass produce. Quartz made watches cheaper and lowered the price for entry-level luxury watches. Their accuracy is a significant benefit, but some people prefer the styling of traditional mechanical watches, and the batteries can be fiddly to replace.

TAG Heuer makes both quartz and automatic models of watches, offering a choice between quartz or mechanical in certain watch styles. They also produce smartwatches – the Connected Calibre E4, which can be customized to suit your style.

Even their quartz watches are priced on the higher end, with the classic standard TAG Heuer Formula 1 Quartz model retailing at around $1,450, compared to its automatic Formula 1 counterpart, which costs $1,950.

Are Tissot Watches Quartz or Automatic?

Tissot offers a range of watches powered by mechanical methods and quartz batteries. As expected from a brand that constantly strives to find innovative ideas, they are constantly exploring new techniques and materials to improve timekeeping in both mechanical and quartz watches.

However, the company, which is merged with Swatch, is exceptionally well known for producing quartz watches, which improves the options for the company to mass-produce quality watches with excellent timekeeping at lower prices. For example, the Tissot Tradition Powermatic 80, an automatic watch, retails at $750, while the similar Tissot Tradition Quartz will only set you back $375.

Is TAG Heuer Considered a Luxury Watch?

Since its inception and association with auto-racing – epitomized by the classic Carrera model – TAG Heuer has pushed their brand forward with racing style, luxury material, and mechanisms. However, whether it’s considered a luxury watch brand is debatable.

Certainly, TAG Heuer watches are rarely cheaper than $1,000 and are a well-known Swiis brand, but does that make their luxury? For many watch enthusiasts, the true mark of a luxury watch brand is whether or not their watch movements were made in-house or sourced from outside.

In Tag Heuer’s case, the Swiss company ETA used to make their watch movements. However, the 1887 movement controversy showed that they also used Seiko designs for their movements even though the designs were altered and made in-house.

Another facet of a luxury watch is the materials used in construction. Expect hand-made luxury watches to use gold, platinum, titanium, and carbon fiber alongside the more commonly-used high-quality stainless steel. The more premium materials used, the higher the quality of an exclusive brand. The face of a luxury watch will be made of durable sapphire crystal.

TAG Heuer’s watches use various materials, but even the distinctive square-faced Monaco is made with polished steel and sapphire. While this watch is not cheap, the brand still falls under what’s considered an upper middle to high-level watch, putting it several rungs below the top level of hand-made master watches. It’s generally considered an entry-level luxury brand.

Is Tissot Considered a Luxury Watch?

Now owned by Swatch, Tissot is not considered a luxury watch brand and the Swatch Group label the Tissot brand as middle-range watches. Tissot watches are lower-priced than their TAG Heuer counterparts, they are often mass-produced models, and since a true mark of a luxury watch is that it is hand-made, Tissot does not qualify.

Tissot also outsources a percentage of their manufacturing, meaning they are not made 100% in-house. However, they offer some great features despite that and use a range of materials from leather, rubber, and stainless steel to titanium and sapphire crystal.

Although they cannot be considered a luxury brand, they use quality materials and exude a sense of style, with an extensive range of available designs. The higher-end models like Rissot E£xcellence also use 18k gold in the case.

Regarding range, Tissot offers a massive selection of styles, prices, materials, and movements.

Build Quality of TAG Heuer

Renowned for their Swiss manufacture and high build quality, the TAG Heuer name is synonymous with good quality watchmaking. Watch quality will depend not only on the materials’ quality and durability but also on how the watch is constructed.

Good build quality ensures a watch is durable, keeps good time, and looks well put together with no irregularities or blemishes. The fit and feel of the watch will also determine the quality.

There is some argument about whether or not the build quality of TAG Heuer has endured over time or whether they rely on name recognition, and people have different opinions. However, many agree that specific models are timeless, have the excellent build quality, and are worth their price tag, while other models may be hyped and over-priced.

A perennial favorite of watch collectors is the Carrera, with its classic build and materials.

TAG Heuer watches will not be of bad quality, and the decision on style will affect your choices when looking through the models. When buying TAG Heuer, you know you are getting Swiss-made watches with traditional designs and innovative ideas working together to create a quality product.

Deciding on the price you’re willing to pay for a TAG Heuer is another conversation, and we’ll look at what you can expect from the Tag Heuer watches at different prices.

Build Quality of Tissot

Tissot is well-known for constantly pushing the envelope regarding innovative new mechanics and designs. Upper range models often incorporate advanced new features and have kept their reputation as accurate and durable timepieces.

While not a luxury brand, they are still regarded as having premium build quality. Tissot has used traditional quality materials such as stainless steel cases and sapphire crystal watch faces but has also tried some pretty outrageous ideas such as wood and stone watch faces. Through it, all the build quality has remained high, even if the result might not appeal to everyone.

Tissot offers a 2-year guarantee on their products, and these watches are well-regarded for their reliability and quality. In terms of style, Tissot offers a wide range of well-built watches that are still affordable. Prices can range quite a bit due to material and mechanics, and we’ll list some examples of the variety you can expect in the different price categories.

Price Range of TAG Heuer

TAG Heuer is a higher-priced brand than Tissot, with watches ranging from the Formula 1 Quartz watch at $1,450 to the Carrera Automatic, which will set you back $27,150.

TAG Heuer Formula 1 – $1,450

This classic watch is made from brushed and polished steel, with a sapphire crystal resistant face, and has a 200m water resistance. This sports watch has a distinctive blue sunburst dial and a steel folding clasp and uses a quartz movement for unparalleled timekeeping.

Tag Heuer Monaco Automatic -$6,950

With its distinctive square face design, Monaco is a well-known model made famous by Steve Mcqueen. It features a sapphire crystal face back and polished steel case. The black leather band has a steel buckle, and the easily recognized blue dial has an opaline finish.

The automatic watch has a 40hr power reserve and is water resistant up to 100m.

Tag Heuer Carrera Automatic – $27,150

This timepiece is a rose-gold edition of the original classic Carrera Tourbillion Chronograph. It features a titanium and gold case, a fixed bezel of titanium and ceramic, and a sapphire crystal case back coated with black PVD titanium.

The band is alligator leather stitched to a black rubber back, and the opaline black dial watch is water resistant to 100m. The automatic Carrera has a power reserve of 65 hours and has in-house movement.

Price Range of Tissot

Tissot watches are generally lower-priced than TAG Heuer while still offering excellent quality. When buying a Tissot, you can be sure they will keep time and be durable and stylish. Tissot has a broader selection of watches, with various materials to provide options at different price points.

Prices range from $375 for a Tissot PRX Quartz to $2,400 for a T-MY Lady Automatic in 18k gold. They emphasize providing top-quality watches at affordable prices, so they have many watches priced at under $500, from wrist watches and sports watches to pocket watches.

Tissot PRX Quartz – $375

A stylish unisex watch with a stainless steel case and scratch-resistant sapphire crystal face, the PRX is water-resistant up to 100m. It uses a quartz battery to keep time and features a pale blue dial.

Tissot T-Touch Connect Solar – £1,050

The T-Touch Solar is a feature of Tissot’s push towards innovative design and is a multifunction tactile watch, water-resistant up to 100m. Rather than quartz battery powered, the Connect uses solar power to charge and can run for several months on a single charge.

With an anti-magnetic titanium case, a sapphire crystal face, and a silicone strap, this watch shows how versatile Tissot can be.

Tissot T-MY Lady Automatic – $2,400

A Swiss-made, elegant ladies’ watch with stainless steel case and rose gold bezel featuring a sapphire crystal case and a Nivachron balance spring mechanism with 48hrs power reserve. The strap is constructed from stainless steel, and the watch is water resistant up to 50m.


When deciding which watch is better, it will depend on your needs. If you’re looking for a deluxe watch that will be your entry into collecting luxury brands, then TAG Heuer will offer what you need, with excellent quality and design. At the same time, Tissot provides excellent value for money and can offer great features, good design quality, and materials at a fraction of the cost.


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