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Today, Bulova is widely regarded as one of the world’s best producers of high-end timepieces, thanks to its extensive collection of exquisite and quality watches you can wear for any event. In contrast, many think Bulova is Swiss-made, but it might not be. However, Bulova is just like any other high-end brand and has a lot of history, making it unique.

Bulova is a renowned brand that many people think is Swiss-made, but they are American-made. However, people manufacture the watches in Hong Kong and Japan. Bulova is also a reliable brand that is more affordable than other brands, and you still have a luxury look while wearing the watch.

When you buy your watch, there are multiple things to look at, and you don’t always know what that is when you get to a store. However, the most important one is what brand you want to buy. Bulova is a great brand to choose from, with many options. Bulova is also a very well-liked brand among some people.

Is Bulova Swiss-Made?

Many iconic watchmakers come from Switzerland. However, Bulova is American-made. Joseph Bulova started the brand in 1875 in honor of his name. He opened his first store in New York and built his reputation as a watchmaker by embracing innovation. He took risks, like standardizing the watchmaking industry, and produced the first fully electronic watch using tuning-fork technology.

Even today, Bulova continues with its leading-edge watches. In 2016, they introduced the first-ever curved chronograph movement, and today they continue to work hard to uphold the same high standards that the founder set over 150 years ago. The Bulova headquarters also remain in New York to this day.

Where Is Bulova Manufactured?

While Bulova watches are American-made, they are manufactured in multiple places worldwide. Almost no watch company manufactures their movements in the United States. Most Bulova models are manufactured in Japan or Hong Kong, although higher-end models usually hail from Switzerland. Many customers assume that since their headquarters are in New York, they will mainly manufacture there, but they don’t.

Popular Bulova Watches

Bulova is an iconic timepiece for men and women, and the brand has been around for over 150 years. In addition, they have a wide variety to choose from and a watch that suits everyone’s taste. Another great thing about Bulova is that they aren’t that expensive compared to other brands. It also means you can achieve a high-end appearance without breaking the bank.

Popular Bulova Watches For Women

When buying a watch, most women look for something more delicate and small. Thin straps and something pretty on the bracelet are ideal when looking for something for a woman. In this case, Bulova is perfect as they have many models that you can choose from and get the ideal gift or when you want to spoil yourself with something new.

  • 96S159 Bulova Women’s Watch – This slim watch line Bulova watch has four handset diamonds that compliment the Mother Pearl dial wonderfully. Its high-quality sapphire glass gives excellent scratch resistance. Overall the watch is powered by a Japanese Miyota quartz movement and has 30m water resistance
  • 98M119 Bulova Women’s Watch With Burgandy Dial – This watch has a beautiful burgundy dal if you like a bit of color with your timepiece. The dial compliments the two-tone finish of the movement and blends very well with its rose gold strap. In addition, it features a date display and has mineral crystal glass with a 30m water resistance rating
  • 97L156 Bulova Women’s Watches With Bangle Bracelet – This watch has a more delicate look. The rose gold PVD looks breathtaking, and the dial’s detail also seems fantastic. The watch is dress-style and has a small 20mm case that looks dainty
  • 96S167 Bulova Ladies Watch Diamond Edition – This watch features 11 handset diamonds around the dial with a Roman numeral marking the 12. The mother of pearl looks gorgeous as usual, and the model has sapphire crystal glass. This movement also has a 30m water resistance

Popular Bulova Watches For Men

Many different kinds of movements, including their own high-frequency and high-accuracy quartz ones, are available from Bulova. Men’s watches have a much bulkier appearance than women though. It is because there are many possibilities to consider when looking for a men’s watch. From the Marine Star to the Submariner, the possibilities are endless.

  • Bulova Lunar Pilot – The Bulova Commander David Scott inspired this watch and used it during the 1971 Appolo 15 Mission. It is one of the essential timepieces and has a classic sapphire crystal high-performance clock. In addition, 100m water resistance and a stainless steel bracelet make it a traditional watch.
  • Bulova Aerojet Open Heart – This Aerojet Open Heart takes styling cues from a best-seller from the ’60s. The silvery stainless steel case contrasts with the rose gold of the crown and the hour markers, which have tiny pearls for a vintage feel. In addition, it has a 30m water resistance and a Croco-embossed leather strap.
  • Bulova Marine Star 98b104 – The marine star has an ion-plated rose gold clock with black rubber and Roman numerals. This watch has a more modern look and is Bulova’s most recognized timepiece. The 100mm water resistance and rubber strap also ensure durability.
  • Bulova Precisionist 98b229 – One of Bulova’s best-known collections, the Precisionist is where the brand’s now-iconic high-frequency quartz movement first appeared. This stainless steel timepiece is ion-plated to look gunmetal grey. The dial has luminous hour and minute hands. The band is also stainless steel, and the watch is 300m water resistant.
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Bulova Watches Quality

The watch industry has a unique subculture. For example, most people think that a good watch has to be expensive rare, or difficult to find, but that’s not the case. On the other hand, you can discover Bulova watches in many shopping malls, so people assume they are not quality watches.

Bulova is less expensive than other brands, making it more affordable for others. Most Bulova pieces fall in the $300 to $700 price range, with only a few going over $1000 and some reaching $3000. So you could pay three times as much for other brands and not receive the same quality and accuracy. However, many don’t like their watches’ wild and flashy design, so for an average person wanting a simple watch, it won’t do.

Bulovas pieces are also mostly over 44mm, so it would also not do for someone wanting a smaller watch. However, if you like big watches, Bulova is perfect for you. Unfortunately, a lot of their patterns are just tacky and loud. But, if you can get over it, you will discover a reliable watch that is incredibly precise without breaking the budget.


Bulova is good quality and affordable watch that are American-made. You have a wide range of watches to choose from when you buy from this brand and many designs for both men and women. Bulova watches might not be as famous as other brands, but they will do the same job as any other watch, and you can look flashy while wearing them.


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