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Welcome to Wearable Talks, where we share our love and passion for watches and wearable tech.

My First Watch

I suppose like any good watch blog, I wanted to introduce myself by telling you guys a story about my first watch. It was a Flik Flak by Swatch, and it was the coolest watch a kid could have ever asked for in 1992. By then, the watch had taken the world by storm as the first watch specifically created to help kids learn how to tell time and remains to this day the only Swiss-made watch created for kids. 

Unfortunately I don’t own the watch anymore, but the memory is still there and that spark has led to my passion for watches. Although my wallet has not kept pace with my passion, I decided the next best thing would be to write and share my love about the hobby I’m obsessed with the most, watches.

Together with my buddies Zeid and Louis we want to share with you our passion for all things watches. We really hope you enjoy your time with us. 

– Ghazi