Titan watches are a combination of art, craftsmanship, and accuracy. Known as one of India’s leading luxury watch brands, Titan watches have made a paradigm shift in the industry and are sold in many stores globally. It is no wonder that many see this timepiece as an investment. An investor should ask: How Do I Know If My Titan Watch Is Real.

There are many ways of identifying a fake Titan watch. If you are unsure of the authenticity, the first step would be to verify its authenticity at a watch store. All Titan watches also have a unique serial number on the back of the watch; ensure that the serial number matches the warranty card.

Join me as we highlight some of the markings of a genuine Titan watch, helping you distinguish the authentic from the fake.

How To Identify An Authentic Titan Watch?

Swiss Customs Service estimates that 30 to 40 million counterfeit watches circulate annually. Embedded in these figures are a fair percentage of Titan watches. The luxury watch market seems to be the industry that has plummeted in this area, based on the recent increase in demand for these watches.

The counterfeit watch makers seem to have perfected the manufacture of these watches to fine art, as it is almost impossible to spot the difference between the authentic and the fake. To avoid being duped into believing that you have purchased an original Titan watch, only to realize that it is indeed counterfeit, you will need to look out for the following signs.

The Serial Number Of Titan Watch

All Titan watches should have a serial number engraved on the back of the watch. The case back of the Titan watch generally has two numbers engraved, the bottom of which is the serial number.

You can check that the serial number on the watch case matches the serial number on the band or bracelet of the watch. You will find the serial number on a sticker on the back of the watch’s dial. You can also match the serial number to the warranty card, confirming that the numbers match.

If you have reservations about the authenticity of the serial number, there are online databases that you can use to confirm the authenticity of the serial number; an example of this website is https://www.trusted.com/check-uthenticity/.

In the case of a Titan smartwatch, the serial number can be verified by going into settings.

The Warranty Of The Titan Watch

A Titan watch purchased from a reputable watch supplier should accompany a warranty card, an authenticity certificate, or a COSC certificate. It is vital to ensure that the watch’s warranty period, serial number, make, and model is on the warranty certificate.

Always ensure that you receive the certificate upon purchase of the watch and not the pretense of obtaining the certificate at a later stage.

To confirm the actual warranty period is in line with the information specified on the warranty and that the watch is authentic, you can email customercare@titan.co.in with the serial number to verify.

Price Of The Titan Watch

Although the Titan company is in India, this stylish, designer watch has made its mark and entrance into the US via the Amazon Global Selling Programme. If you purchase the Titan watch through any other platform, you might want to be mindful of its authenticity.

A pre-loved Titan watch may be obtainable at a fraction of the cost; however, it is essential to be wary of cheap knock-off prices. The watch sells on average at around 100 USD on Amazon. Besides, luxury watches are an investment and tend to hold their value.

Very rarely will anyone want to part with a luxury watch for anything less than its value? Often if the price is too reasonable to be accurate, it is bound to be a counterfeit.

Trade Marks And Logos

Unique markings and logos are often the trademarks that distinguish the brand. An extension of this is the markings displayed on the Titan watch, which gives the purchaser a clear indication that the watch is part of the unique collection.

These trademarks are positioned at a particular place on the watch. The word “TITAN” with the logo is displayed on the face of the watch. This word and emblem are positioned on the top section of the front of the watch face. This positioning has been consistent except in some sports watches where the name will appear on the right-hand side of the front of the watch face.

You can check the authenticity by looking at the pictures of the original design on the Titan website and comparing the logo and markings to the model you currently have. If they differ, the chances are they are fake. The wording is etched professionally and visible. In the case of counterfeits, the name “TITAN” may be misspelled, or the markings of the print may be bolder. Sometimes, the logo may be different, and the trademark color may differ.

Product Specifications Of The Titan Watch

To determine the authenticity of your Titan watch, you need to be familiar with the product specifications. You can match your current timepiece to the product specifications listed on the Titan website. These will help you distinguish between the original and a replica.

It is essential to consider that a Titan Edge watch weighs a mere 36grams and is 4.4 mm thick, so if you are comparing, ensure that your watch fits the profile.

Bracelet Of The Watch

A Titan designer watch bracelet is usually flexible and will glide smoothly on your wrist. It is crucial to ensure that the bracelet clasp closes appropriately and has two stamps at the end of the clip. These stamps will be a noticeable feature in determining the watch’s authenticity.

Look For Unfinished Edges And Flaws In Colours

In the eagerness to duplicate the watch, the counterfeit artists may overlook apparent details. It is also crucial to look out for unfinished edges and color inconsistencies. Ensure that the screws on the dial are secure.

Tilt The Watch To Look For A Shine

You will be able to spot a designer watch by the sapphire crystal dial that is placed on the top of the watch. If you tilt the watch towards a certain angle, you will see a purplish tint. Look close enough, and you will also see a shine off the watch. The design feature lets collectors spot a replica from a fake.

Watch Mechanism

If you hold the Titan watch firmly, you will see the watch mechanism’s sturdiness. You will be able to see if the watch hands are the suitable material and size. A fake Titan watch will generally have an error in the watch mechanism making the hands unsteady.

Packaging Of A Titan Watch

Beware wary of Titan watches that are unpackaged. If it is unpackaged, the chances are it is a replica. An authentic watch company will always ensure that you receive the watch in a sealed box with the original packaging and necessary warranties.


You can start by taking your Titan watch for an appraisal to determine if it is authentic or fake. When checking the authenticity of your Titan watch, you might want to consider the factors listed above. Depicted on the Titan watch website are product specifications. Comparing your timepiece to these specifications will help you decide whether it is a suitable match.


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