Modern women wear their wristwatches as a status symbol or to keep up with technology. Some women wear their beautiful watches as a piece of jewelry. Ladies’ watches have evolved over the years, from Analog watches that needed to be wound to digital watches with an assembly of automated features. So, with all these changes, which wrist does a woman wear her watch on?

Traditionally, a dominant right-hand woman will wear her watch on the left wrist. If she is left-hand dominant, she wears her watch on the right wrist. The correct position to wear a watch is next to the bone (the ulna) on the outside of the wrist. 

Read on for more about why it is tradition for a woman to wear her watch on her left wrist? How should a watch fit the wrist, the best size for a woman, and how to match a watch to your clothes.

Tradition Decides On Which Wrist A Woman Wears Her Watch

It’s always been the old tradition that a woman wears a watch on her left arm. How did this become a tradition? There are two reasons, they are:

  • Because most women are right-handed, they wear a watch on their non-dominant side, which is on the left arm.
  • Analog watches have a crown on the right side of the watch for setting the time. In the past, these watches had to be wound. The watches were worn on the left arm, making it easy to wind them with the right hand.

Why Does A Woman Wear Her Watch On The Left Arm?

Women wear a watch on their left arm because their right arm is more dominant and will do the most work. The woman will wear the watch on the non-dominant arm so that the watch does not hinder her movements.

She does most things with her dominant hand, like writing, stirring with a spoon, spreading butter on bread, and holding her mobile. So, wearing the watch on her left arm is more comfortable, it is used less frequently, and the watch has less chance of getting damaged during work activities.

Modern Watches Don’t Need A Crown

Today most modern watches are digital, so they do not have a crown (the little knob on the side) that needs to be wound or the time to be adjusted. So, this reason for wearing the watch on the right arm does not really count. Although many women still wear Analog watches, they are mostly automatic and do not need to be wound.

On What Arm Do Left-Handed Women Wear Their Watch?

Women who are left-hand dominant usually wear their watch on their right arm. They do this for the same reason as right-hand women wear theirs on their left arm. That said, many women who are dominant left-handed prefer to wear their watches on their left arm. It’s a matter of choice and where the watch feels the most comfortable.

Some watchmakers will make an Analog watch for the left-handed where the crown is on the watch’s right side. But these watches will only come in one model and are very rare.

Can Women Wear Their Watches On Their Right Arm?

As mentioned, most women wear their watch on the left arm, primarily due to tradition and comfort. However, a woman can wear a watch on any arm, whether left- or right-hand dominant. It’s a personal choice.

The Correct Way For Women To Wear A Watch

Watches come in different sizes and shapes, and it is essential that the watch fits properly and is worn correctly on the wrist.

Where To Position A Watch On The Wrist?

The correct position to wear a watch is beside your wrist bone. The watch case should sit in the middle next to the bone (the ulna) on the outside of the wrist.

How Should A Women’s Watch Fit The Wrist?

A watch should fit comfortably on the wrist. It should not be too tight, or it will leave indents on the skin. And it should also not be too loose that it slides around on your wrist. The correct fit is when the watch stays in place on your wrist with just a bit of breathing space.

Best Size Watch For Women

Women should wear watches that suit the size of their wrists. The usual size of a women’s wrist ranges between 6 and 7 inches. Choose a watch case between 28 and 34mm. Women with petite wrists of between 5 to 6 inches can opt for a watch case ranging from 21mm to 28mm.

This is just a general estimate. Your preference and taste will determine the size of the watch case. Choose the watch you want to wear as long as the look is in proportion, stylish, and comfortable.

How To Match Your Watch To Your Outfits

With so many beautiful watch designs and different colored watch straps to choose from, many women opt for a variety of watches. The best way to match your watch to your clothes is by matching the watch with your shoes!

  • Casual Shoes – If you are wearing casual shoes, opt for a casual or sporty watch with a bright-colored strap.
  • Wearing sneakers – choose a smartwatch with a rubber or plastic band that is durable and water-resistant.
  • Wearing Heels or Semi-Formal – If you are dressed up in heels or wearing semi-formal for the office or a night out, wear a more formal watch with a thin brown or black leather strap.
  • For formal occasions – opt for a smaller face size watch with thin, beautiful platinum, silver, or gold strap.


Tradition dictates that women have always, and still do, wear their watch on the left wrist. This is because the majority of women are right-hand dominant. Their right hand is used more frequently than the left, so wearing the watch on this wrist will give the watch more protection from damage, and it will not hinder her activities.

Women that are dominant left-hand wear their watch on the right wrist for the same reasons as their dominant right-hand sisters. The correct way to wear the watch is next to the bone on the outside of the wrist. A comfortable fit is essential; it is not too loose, so it moves around and is not too tight to leave indents on the skin.

With so many beautiful and sporty watches of all shapes and sizes available to women, your outfits can always be accessorized with a gorgeous watch.


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