Rolex has a reputation for making watches that last a lifetime. When purchasing a Rolex, it is understood that you will have the watch for many years, but they need to be serviced regularly to maintain its accuracy and functional operation. This leads Rolex owners to wonder how often a Rolex should be serviced.

You should service your Rolex every few years. The top-end watches from Rolex only require services every ten years, but the lower-tier models may require a service more frequently. A Rolex will require more frequent services if it is used often and exposed to harsh environments.  

The frequency at which to service a Rolex depends on several factors, but every Rolex timepiece needs to be serviced by Rolex to maintain accurate function. Servicing also repairs any wear and tear before it becomes damaged and restores the watch as-new condition every time. Let’s learn how

How Often Should A Rolex Be Serviced?

Every Rolex timepiece must be serviced to maintain it properly and keep the watch lasting as long as possible. A properly serviced Rolex can outland its owner if it is well cared for.

A high-end Rolex should only require a service every ten years or so. The condition of the watch, how it is maintained, and how it is used daily determine the exact frequency of the required services.

Some Rolex models may require a service every three years if used well but may only require a service every ten years if used infrequently.

A Rolex that is worn daily and used in harsh environments will require servicing more regularly than a Rolex that is kept on a stand and worn infrequently.

The way a Rolex is used and what it is exposed to also determines how often it must be serviced. A Rolex often worn in the ocean or a Rolex that lives in a very hot and sandy country may require more frequent servicing due to constant contact with harsh abrasives such as sand and salt.

However, if the Rolex is cleaned well, rinsed of all abrasives every day, and kept in good condition, a regular service every few years is all the watch will require to maintain good function.

Take care of your Rolex service when necessary, and it will likely live longer than you.

How Do You Know When To Service A Rolex?

We have established that a Rolex only needs to be serviced every few years, and the model and the real-life use of the timepiece usually determine the frequency of its required service, but how do you know when it is time to service your Rolex?

The best way to know if your Rolex needs a service before anything goes wrong is to consider how the watch is used. If the timepiece is used infrequently or cleaned regularly, it may not need a service for a very long time.

However, if you wear your Rolex every day and expose it to harsh environments and conditions, it is essential that you take your Rolex in for a service more regularly.

If your Rolex shows signs of wear and tear, is not keeping accurate time, is damaged in any way, or exhibits signs of instability, the watch must be serviced.

The truth is that you can rely on your Rolex to last for up to ten years without a service, depending on the model and the use of the Rolex. This means you should only take the timepiece for a service when the watch shows signs of wear and tear or exhibits unusual behavior.

How Does The Rolex Service Process Work?

If you notice that your Rolex requires a service, or if the time for a service has come around, how do you do it? How do you find a place to service your watch, and what does the process entail?

The service process for a Rolex timepiece is wonderfully smooth.

When the time comes, finding a service center for your Rolex is straightforward. The best way to begin to visit the Rolex website, click on the ‘Menu’ tab, and scroll down to the ‘Watch care & service’ tab.

Here you will find a section on the site that will help you find an official Rolex retailer or service center close to you.

When you have located the right center, simply take the watch in, and book it for a service.

Servicing the timepiece entails an initial assessment by a Rolex watchmaker, after which you will receive an estimate for the service. If you approve the estimate, the service will begin.

The service involves completely dismantling the watch, cleaning it, lubricating the components, refinishing the case and bracelet, servicing the movement casing, precision testing, a 24-hour assessment of the movement, a waterproofness test, and a control test, and the watch is then reassembled.

Your watch is returned to you in a protective Rolex pouch, and the service has a warranty of two years on parts and labor. This warranty is international and not specific to the Rolex service center that worked on the watch.

How Long Does It Take To Service A Rolex?

Servicing a Rolex is smooth and straightforward. The company has exceptional customer and after-sale service that never disappoints. However, it is important to know how long your Rolex will take to service after approving the service estimate.

A Rolex timepiece service can take several weeks to complete. The company states that a minimum of four to six weeks is required for every service.

This service time is required because a highly trained Rolex watchmaker must service the watch, and there are far more watches to be serviced than there are watchmakers. The service is extensive and requires sophisticated equipment and machinery, and the testing process that occurs during the service requires several hours or days per test.

Servicing a Rolex is a very complex process, and these watches’ components are tiny, making them very difficult to work on. Absolute precision is required to disassemble, service, and reassemble a watch like this, and the process cannot be rushed.

However, if the watch is serviced regularly, the process will likely be shorter, as the more that must be done during the service, the longer the process will be. If your Rolex is serviced more frequently, the services will be shorter and less expensive.

How Expensive Is It To Service A Rolex?

Servicing a Rolex when required is critical to keep the watch in good operating condition, but how expensive is it to service a watch like this?

The cost of a Rolex service varies depending on the model and what must be done during the service.

When you take your Rolex for a service, the watchmaker assigned to the timepiece will perform an assessment of the watch and submit a quote for your approval. This will tell you roughly how much the service will cost and the required servicing procedures.

With that said, the price range of a Rolex service can be anywhere from $100 to $1200, according to reports from Rolex owners.

Every service is different, and the price of the service is unique to that service.

As we have already learned, the service time and cost will be significantly lower if you service the watch more regularly and take good care of the piece between each service.

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Is It Worthwhile Servicing A Rolex?

Servicing a Rolex is important to keep the timepiece functioning well and prevent damage to the watch over time, but is it worth the time and expense of servicing?

It is worthwhile servicing a Rolex.

Every watch requires a service to maintain it well. Without a service, even the most well-cared-for Rolex will begin to lose time, suffer wear and tear, and slowly deteriorate.

A service replaces any worn components and keeps the watch clean, waterproof, and functioning accurately.

The cost of replacing a Rolex that has worn out is significantly more expensive than the cost of servicing the watch.

Every mechanical watch has components that wear down and wear out. These watches are run by mechanical mechanisms that wear against each other. This means that regardless of how well the components are made, how well they are fit together, and what they are made from, they will eventually wear down.

When these parts wear down, the worn sections introduce slack or looseness into the mechanisms within the timepiece, which causes the watch to lose time and become accurate as the components wear down.

Servicing the watch replaces these worn components and keeps the watch running perfectly despite its age or use.

It is worthwhile servicing a Rolex, especially if you want to keep the watch for a long time.

Will Rolex Service A Watch Without Papers?

Rolex watches are always sold with certificates of authenticity and papers proving that the watch is legitimate. Many owners wonder if these papers are required to book a Rolex watch for a service.

Rolex will service a watch without papers. The papers of authenticity and guarantee are not required to service a Rolex. Service centers do not need these papers; they will simply receive the watch and return it to the person who brought it into the facility.

It is better to present the papers of authenticity and ownership to the service center, as this will inform the center of the age of the watch, the exact model, and where it was purchased or made. This information can be helpful, and it may make the service process easier.

However, if you have misplaced these papers, there is no reason why the lack of these papers would hinder the service process.

How Long Does A Rolex Last With Regular Services?

A Rolex that is serviced regularly is a near-perfect machine, but how long do they last if they are serviced well?

A good Rolex that is well-maintained and serviced regularly can last so long that it can become a generational heirloom. These watches are built so well and are made to last so long that if they are serviced properly, they will outlast their owners.

A Rolex is a precision timepiece that is built with longevity in mind. If you keep it well-maintained in-between services and service it at an official Rolex service center, the watch will last many years without failing, losing time, or wearing out.

Few other timepiece brands can boast the same, but Rolex watches truly are heirloom-quality.

How To Care For A Rolex In-Between Services

Part of caring for a Rolex is servicing it when necessary, and the other part is caring for it well in-between services. Taking care of a Rolex is essential. These watches are very high quality and last for a long time, but they must still be maintained well to remain high-functioning and limit wear and tear on the watch.

The best way to care for a Rolex in-between services is to ensure that the watch is kept clean and free of grime and abrasive particles that could damage the casing, seals, bracelet, or glass on the timepiece.

This is best done by wiping away any grime you can see with a microfiber cloth and rinsing the watch under cool water while wiping away any dirt and grime you find.

Always dry the watch with a microfiber cloth to maintain its finish after rinsing.

All Rolexes are waterproof, so it is safe to rinse the watch with water. Rolex states that rinsing the watch in the shower at the end of the day is usually sufficient for this purpose, but some watches may require more focused cleaning, depending on how dirty the watch is.


Rolex watches last a very long time, but they must be maintained and serviced regularly to operate at their full functionality and to last as long as possible. Most Rolexes only need a service every few years. Some can last for ten years without a service, while others can last for only three years between services.

The frequency of your role services depends on how often the watch is used, how it is used, where it is used, and how much wear and tear it is exposed to. Service your Rolex more frequently to reduce the cost and time of services and keep the watch lasting as long as possible


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