If you’ve been on social media in the last decade, you’ll have noticed the Daniel Wellington brand’s distinctive crisp white faces. These Swedish watches are popular with preppy trendsetters and influencers alike and are loved for their modern, minimalist, yet luxurious style. Their elegance doesn’t come cheap for an unproven brand, though, and feels like an investment. How long does a Daniel Wellington watch last?

A well-cared-for Daniel Wellington watch should last 5 to 10 years. DW watches come with a two-year warranty, with the recommendation that you service the watch regularly. A study of the components shows that these fashionable watches aren’t of the same quality as collectible watches, won’t retain their value for resale, and won’t be passed down for generations.

Offering affordable luxury since 2011, the Daniel Wellington brand has taken the world of timepieces by storm. Their social media-based advertising campaign successfully reached the young professional market it aimed for. However, controversy continues to rage about the quality of these watches, whether they are worth the expense, and whether they will last long enough to be an investment.

How Long Does A Daniel Wellington Watch Last?

A Daniel Wellington wristwatch will last between five and ten years. Contrast this with other mechanical watches in a similar price range which are intended to last a lifetime, handed down from one generation to another.

The lifespan of a wristwatch depends on two main factors:

  • the quality of the timepiece and its components
  • how well the owner takes care of and maintains the watch.

Let’s explore these to show how long a Daniel Wellington timepiece will last.

What Is the Quality Of Daniel Wellington Watches?

Daniel Wellington watches are known for the excellence of their design and style as fashion accessories rather than their mechanical or technical qualities.

Although their design is Swedish, the quartz movement is Japanese, and the rest of the watch is produced in China from standard components, similar to timepieces that cost a tenth of Daniel Wellingtons.

For this reason, traditional and heritage horologists and high-end watch collectors do not regard this brand as serious competition or investment.

The following analysis shows that these watches are a great choice in terms of fashion – which is what the brand unashamedly is – but not to add to a watch collection.


The watch presentation box adds a touch of luxury to your Daniel Wellington purchase – a stitched leather case that includes the watch, the instruction manual, and a spring bar removal tool so you can swap out your watchstraps.

Store your watch in this box to keep it safe from breakage.

Stainless Steel Case

Daniel Wellington watches come in somewhat flimsy stainless steel cases, consistent with purchasing fashion watches. However, the cases are more durable than they look, offer the thinnest case for the price, and will last for some years.

Quartz Mechanism

This brand’s watches have a standard-quality, battery-operated Japanese-made quartz movement produced by Miyota. Many watch enthusiasts prefer a mechanical watch, arguing that it is better made and keeps time more accurately.

The batteries will last between two and four years before needing replacement.

Daniel Wellington watches do not have additional functions but are known to keep time reliably.

Water Resistance

Daniel Wellington watches are water-resistant to 100 feet (30m), which means they can withstand accidental splashes. This resistance level means you shouldn’t get these watches wet – keep them away from a swimming pool, or you’ll risk damaging them.

Watch Crystal

Mineral crystal glass protects the faces of Daniel Wellington watches. Again, this is a standard component of affordable timepieces and is relatively scratch resistant – better quality components are available.

Daniel Wellington watches are not ideal for wearing during contact or extreme sports but are fine for light sporting activities.


As with any leather or non-metal strap, the straps of Daniel Wellington watches, especially the NATO straps, will need replacement.

Disappointed buyers have complained that the bracelet link straps tarnish very quickly. On the other hand, the leather straps are thick and sturdy, even taking some wearing in.

However, the brand offers interchangeable straps, so the straps are not an issue.

How Should You Maintain A Daniel Wellington Watch?

A competently produced watch like the Daniel Wellington brand should last up to a decade if you maintain it – although it’s a fashion item, a Daniel Wellington watch is not consumable.

Simple maintenance of your pricey timepiece can avoid costly repairs or replacements. However, also consider the cost of the upkeep versus the price of the original watch.

To keep your Daniel Wellington watch in top condition:

  • Service the watch every three years. Most watch repair shops with qualified horologists can carry out a routine maintenance check that will extend the lifetime of your wristwatch.
  • Replace the watch batteries every two to three years. Preferably use silver oxide batteries, which are made for a quartz movement.
  • Replace the strap when it wears out.
  • Store the watch safely so that it won’t fall or get crushed – use the leather presentation box.
  • Avoid dropping the watch.
  • Keep the watch clean with a microfiber cloth, not soap and water.
  • Do not immerse the watch in water – no swimming, bathing, walking in the rain or showering while wearing the timepiece.
  • Avoid doing sporting activities wearing the watch.

What Is The Warranty On Daniel Wellington Watches?

An indicator of value in a watch is the watchmaker’s warrantee and what parts of the watch are covered.

Daniel Wellington timepieces come with a 24-month guarantee for defects in manufacturing and materials covering the watch movement, indexes, dial, and hands. The warranty does not cover the batteries, straps, link bracelets, and glass.


Daniel Wellington watches are beautifully designed watches that will last between five and ten years. Although their price tag suggests otherwise, the timepieces have a mechanism, materials, and assembly process of a decent but not outstanding quality. As with many products, Daniel Wellington watches are bought primarily for the brand name and the associated (fictitious) lifestyle.


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