Most people take wearing a watch for granted. They put their watch on in the morning and check the time throughout the day, accepting that the time is accurate and the watch is working. For some unfortunate individuals, the ability to wear a watch that works is a dream they aspire to. Their watches stop working, gain time or even run backward when they wear them.

Watches may run backward or have other disturbances in function when some people wear them. No one has a definite answer. Some suggestions are that the person’s magnetic field, vibrational energy, or acidic sweat interferes with the electronics or mechanics of the watch.

Devices that malfunction continuously when certain people use or wear them are frustrating. In addition, there is a cloud of mystery to the whole concept as there have not been any investigations into the phenomenon.

Mysterious Malfunctioning Watches

If you do an internet search on watches that malfunction for no particular reason, you will find numerous stories from people. Some say that when they wear a watch, it begins to run backward.

Others say that the watch stops and starts or seems to gain time by running too fast. Another variation on the trend is people that cannot keep a watch working. The period it takes for the watch to stop working varies, but it can be anything from a few hours to several days.

Many of these people are very frustrated as they want to wear a watch. They are inconvenienced by the problem, especially when there seems to be no answer or solution.

Despite their distress, many other people are skeptical, claiming this cannot be true.

They accuse the people reporting broken watches of seeking attention, wanting to be regarded as special, or misusing their watches somehow.

It makes very little logical sense if one examines the claim that these people are frauds. Why and how would so many people choose the same falsehood when they have nothing concrete to gain from it. They are, in fact, inconvenienced by the occurrence of watches malfunctioning.

Many people who report that their watches malfunction are well-balanced, solid citizens. They do not crave attention, have altered realities, or indulge in fabricating stories for their amusement.

So what could be some reasons for watches that run backward, gain time or stop altogether?

Individual Magnetic Fields Cause Watches To Malfunction 

One theory proposes that an individual’s magnetic field can interrupt the functioning of a watch. To resolve this question, we must first find out if the human body has a magnetic field.

It is a biological fact that electrical currents run through the body. We can measure the electrical stimulation in muscles using electro-myelograms. Nerves use electrical signals and principles in their functioning.

There is the potential for an electromagnetic field to form whenever there is electricity. David Cohen is a respected scientist who has spent years researching biomagnetism, or magnetic fields of the human body.

He has shown that people produce magnetic fields due to the electrical activities in their bodies. He has been able to isolate magnetic fields that are generated by the heart, the brain, and the lungs. In addition, he has shown that if, for example, the heart is damaged by a heart attack, the magnetic field changes. 

Potassium and calcium ions in the body are essential for the transmission of nerve impulses or electrical signals. Changes in the potassium ion concentration were shown to influence the magnetic field.

The magnetic fields over the head and limbs were found to be stronger than over the torso. The magnetic field over the head was related to the hair follicles. In the limbs, the magnetic field increased with the activation of the long muscles. Interestingly, Cohen found that a magnetic field seemed to often exist spontaneously around the forearm.

Clearly, we can conclude that magnetic fields do exist in and around the human body. If the magnetic field alters due to injury or activation of muscles, it is not too much of a stretch to hypothesize that individuals have different magnetic fields. 

Electrical and electronics engineers have for many years known that magnetic fields can disrupt the function of a watch. They wear anti-magnetic watches while working with electronics and electromagnets.

It is perfectly feasible that an individual’s magnetic field may cause a watch to stop working.

Can Human Vibrational Energy Cause Watch Malfunction?

All materials and entities are made up of atoms and molecules. Atoms have vibrational energy when they become excited, change their physical state, or gain energy from another source.

Based on this knowledge, we must accept that the human body has vibrational energy. The watch also has vibrational energy. Energy moves in waves and is governed by physical laws.

If the waves from the watch and the waves from the person are on the same frequency, the waves could be enhanced (constructive interference) or canceled out (destructive interference). The result could be that the watch speeds up or goes backward from constructive interference. Destructive interference would result in the watch stopping.

Could Perspiration Cause Malfunction In A Watch?

Some claim that increased perspiration acidity can cause a watch to stop functioning or function incorrectly. This theory is harder to prove as no studies measure what acidity levels would cause this.

Watches are made from various materials that would respond differently to acidity levels. So although there may be some truth in the theory, it would need to be tested on each person and watch to come to a conclusion.

Some people state that placing a piece of tape on the back of their watch keeps it functioning correctly. Others paint several layers of clear nail varnish on the back of the watch to enable the watch to keep functioning.


Despite the non-believers, some people cannot wear watches without them running backward or malfunctioning. Magnetic fields and vibrational energy are two plausible theories that could explain why some individuals cause watches to stop working.


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