Montblanc has only been manufacturing high-quality timepieces since 1997.  But this has led to counterfeiters replicating low-quality fake watches that are sold to unsuspecting customers.  So, how can you tell if a Montblanc watch is real?

To tell if a Montblanc watch is authentic, look for the following tell signs: There should be no spelling errors on the watch.  There should be a unique serial number on the back of the casing and on the bracelet that can be verified by a Montblanc dealer.  The watch’s price should be within 15% of the actual retail price.

Read on to discover ways to identify a replica Montblanc watch by its feel, look, serial, and how it glows in the dark.

How To Identify A Fake Montblanc Watch

Mont Blanc watches are made with the highest quality materials and are assembled by master watchmakers to ensure their excellence.  Montblanc started making high-end pens and entered the timepiece market in 1997.  All Montblanc watches are manufactured in an old villa located in Le Locle, Switzerland.   

With the success of the Montblanc watch collection, counterfeiters quickly seized the opportunity and started producing Montblanc watch replicas.  Fortunately, none of the replicas can stand up to the high quality, and craftsmanship Montblanc uses in their watches.

Still, many who do not want to pay for the original quality timepiece fuel the illicit market.  Unfortunately, many unwilling clients fall victim to these counterfeits.  However, there are several ways that a replica Montblanc can be identified.

Montblanc Watch Price Range

If a Montblanc watch is offered at a price that sounds too good to be true, then it most likely is not a genuine Montblanc.  Take some time and research the average price of the specific Montblanc that you are interested in.  Timepieces will usually retail within a 15% price margin of the recommended retail price. 

Cross-Match To A Picture

Montblanc has high-definition pictures of all the watches they have made on their website.  Compare the watch to the image to see if there is any visual difference.  It may be a counterfeit if there is a difference in color, style, bracelet, strap, or wording.

The Feel Of A Montblanc Watch

Montblanc timepieces are high-end watches and are made from the best quality materials.  The watch should not feel flimsy or light in hand.  Inspect the watch’s bezel and look for any irregularities such as uneven spacing.

The Manufactures’s logo should look authentic and should not look like it has been glued on, and there should be no spelling errors.  Spelling errors anywhere on the watch is an easy tell-tell sign of a counterfeit.  Common spelling errors that can be found in replicas are:

  • “Made in Swiss”
  • “Eighteem Jewells”

The Montblanc watch should wind smooth and easy with no sticking.  The crown should feel sturdy and accurate as it is turned.  There must not be any rough edges on the crown, strap, or bezel, and there should be no sign of glue.

Overall the watch should feel like a high-quality timepiece when holding it; if it does not, it may be a fake.

The Montblanc Watch Serial Number

All Montblanc watches have a serial number on them.  Montblanc introduced this in an attempt to stop counterfeiters from replicating the watches.  The unique serial number can be located on the bottom of the case and on the strap or bracelet.  The serial number should correspond to the authentication certificate found in the box that the watch is shipped with.

If there is no warranty or authentication certificate, it would be better to have the watch authenticated by an Authorized Montblanc dealer.  Only timepieces initially purchased through a Montblanc Authorized dealer will have a warranty card, and only these will be honored by Montblanc.

A Serial Number on a Montblanc watch can have four numbers and two letters followed by a sequence of numbers. (XXXX – ABXXXXXX) or four numbers followed by six numbers  (XXXX – XXX XXX)

Montblanc Watch Luminosity

The luminosity of a watch refers to the glow-in-the-dark material used to assist in reading the dials in the dark.  Montblanc uses an expensive high-quality material called LumiNova on their watch dials.  Replica watches often use a poor-quality luminous material that is easy to spot.

To test the luminosity, place the watch under white light for a few minutes so that the glow-in-the-dark material can charge.  Then cover the watch or view it in a dark room to see the brightness of the dials.  Montblanc watches will have a bright glow that will last longer than the replica watch.

Does The Montblanc Have A Dirty Dial or Crystal

Before the timepiece was shipped, Montblanc watches all pass through an intricate quality control process.  When it comes to replicas, the quality control is almost non-existent, which is a good thing as it can be noticed quickly.  If the watch has any of the following, it may be a replica, but have it authorized to be sure.

There should be no contaminants such as fingerprints, dust, hair, or fluff on or under the watch dial or crystal.  If there is a scratch on the watch crystal, rub a finger over it.  If the scratch can be felt, it is on the outer side (wear and tear); if not, the scratch may be on the underside of the crystal.  This means that the watch may have been opened previously by an unauthorized dealer.


Montblanc watches are high-quality timepieces that have been made from the best materials and metals.  However, due to their high demand and cost, counterfeiters quickly stepped in to take advantage of Montblanc’s success.  Replica Montblanc watches can be easily spotted compared to genuine watches as they are very flawed.

Common ways to spot a fake Montblanc are in the quality of the watch, the luminosity quality, dirty dials, and spelling errors.  If you are unsure if the watch is real or not, it is recommended to have the watch authenticated by an authorized Montblanc dealer.


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