Over the years, the Invicta Watch Group went through numerous changes and ownership due to poor sales and bankruptcy, which made a few owners question the value of the watches. However, since the company’s inception in 1837, copious amounts of watches have been made for different purposes and reasons. So, which watches have value, if any?

Although the Invicta Watch Group currently specializes in affordable diver watches, their legacy and collection of watches span more than 100 years, making some of the watches quite valuable. In addition, Invicta also creates special collections of watches that include jewelry and complex engineering.  

Invicta was founded in Switzerland by Raphael Picard but was sold to Ondix, who managed and built watches for roughly ten years before their ultimate demise. Subsequently, the company was acquired by American owners who still manage and design the watches today. As a result, watches with different manufacturing and quality affect the overall value.

Which Type Of Invicta Watches Has Value?

The company’s original objective was to create high-quality watches at affordable prices. However, due to the quartz revolution during the 1970s, customers could buy practical and durable watches at a much lower price than even the cheapest Swiss-engineered watch. Consequently, Invicta struggled until the 90s to increase its general sales.

Although Invicta survived the quarts revolution, their goal was still to create affordable divers for the masses, making them less prestigious than Omega or Rolex, which cater to a specific upper-class market.

Currently, Invicta is making a wide range of watches differing in quality and value to satisfy the interests of a large clientele.

For example, “pro divers” are made from stainless steel equipped with a Japanese quartz movement and a Swiss quartz movement. Due to the Swiss quarts movement being highly acclaimed and prestigious, it’s more valuable than the Japan or China movement.

Besides the different forms of manufacturing, some collectors find the history and development of the Invicta watch group fascinating. Therefore, watches made from the 1830s to the 1980s by the original owners will also be quite valuable to certain collectors. For example, chronographs in good condition from the 1950s and 60s are selling for over $1200 on Chrono24.

In addition, Invicta also manufactures limited edition watches, which are pretty expensive and collectible for the avid watch collector. Invicta’s Disney collection ranges from the men’s “Mickey Mouse Model 39048,” costing around $800, to the feminine “Mickey Mouse Model 22726,” costing $2600.

Some collectors might question the value of Invicta watches because they don’t compete in the same class as the major luxury brands, and they manufacture inexpensive watches for the average buyer. However, Invicta has been around for more than 150 years, producing some beautifully and finely engineered watches.

What Makes The Invicta Watches Valuable?

When you search online for Invicta watches, you’ll find some impressive “flashy” watches below 100 dollars, making it seem like quite the bargain. On the other hand, you’ll also find some “classy” models well over the 1000-dollar mark. So, what makes some Invicta models so expensive, and why are they considered valuable?

Firstly, Invicta has built a strong reputation over the years, working with major celebrities and cultivating essential relationships ranging from sports stars like “Shaq” to major 20th-century artists like “Britto” and even major companies like the “NFL” and “Disney.”

The special edition watches they create with these notable names only enhance the brand’s perception and prestige, making their watches all the more valuable.

Secondly, the materials the watches consist of are expensive. Most of the watches manufactured by Invicta are made from stainless steel, a common watch material but still costly. Modals like the Pro diver 8926BRB automatic and a smattering of others come with sapphire crystals, adding to the overall value as it’s more durable.

Most importantly, a unique collection of Invicta watches are still manufactured with top-of-the-range Swiss movements. The Swiss have been engineering impressive movements in their luxury watches that are so advanced some consider them to be the leading figures in fine watchmaking.

It would be remiss not to mention that some watches, especially the ladies’ watches, come with jewelry that is valuable in and of itself.

Finally, due to the expensive materials used on an extensive collection of Invicta watches, the manufacturing process is extremely thorough and costly, making the watches more valuable. The watches go through various stages and quality checks by professionals before it’s finally approved, guaranteeing a pristine product that collectors can adore for years.

Which Invicta Watches Are The Most Valuable?

A big concern for watch collectors is whether their Invicta watch will increase in value over time. There are plenty of vintage watches available, but as their value depends greatly on their quality and authenticity, it can be challenging to evaluate the precise amount. Therefore, to more accurately assess the value, we can look at the current most valuable watches.

The most valuable watch Invicta manufactures is the “Reserve Man of War Model 18707,” with a starting price of $33 795. The model includes a top-of-the-range Swiss movement with a stainless steel case and diamonds. Invicta’s “Reserve line” is the most pristine range of watches in their collection, making them ideal for collecting.

Invicta also collaborated with famous football star Jason Taylor to create limited edition watches, among the most expensive and valuable pieces in the collection. Specifically, the dual-color watches, like the 15495 BWB Swiss automatic two-tone valued at $13 000, was a popular limited series.

However, the dual-tone series was not the only Jason Taylor collection of value. A special collectible edition was made called 14312 BWB Analog Swiss black, valued at $7 000. Although it’s half the price of the dual-tone, the goal was to create a collector’s item with a complete carbon black appearance that will be a unique addition to any collection.

And, what would a valuable watch collection be without a few luxurious diamond watches? Invicta has a large collection of diamond watches, including the “Subaqua Automatic 4.16 Carat Diamond” valued at $12 400, the “SHAQ Automatic Gunmetal 3.31 carat diamonds” valued at $9 960, and the “Pro diver Automatic 3.27 Carat Diamond” valuing at $9 150.

Even more, diamond watches are available from those respective editions that will be valuable to collectors.


Like most cases, the watch’s value depends on what you buy and what specifically it includes. Although Invicta specializes in affordable luxury watches, they manufacture some highly collectible and prestige watches that are sure to be of value to watch collectors.


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