Bulova watches have been around since the 1870s and have become an internationally recognized brand that remains relevant today. These watches are known to be very expensive, but they are also known to have very low price tags as well, depending on the model. Bulova watches are interesting timepieces, but do they hold their value, as well as other luxury watch brands do?

Bulova watches do not hold their value well, but very few watches do. Bulova watches that are made from precious materials and made by great watchmakers will hold their value better than others, and there are some vintage Bulova watches that have appreciated in value significantly.

Bulova watches are beautiful, and they are well made, especially now that they are made in Japan. These watches are reliable and aesthetically pleasing, but most watch owners, collectors, and hobbyists are unsure about how well these watches hold their value. Let’s take a closer look at Bulova watches to learn more about how well they retain value over time.

Do Bulova Watches Retain Their Value?

Bulova watches are known for their innovation and quality. This luxury watch Bulova is a good brand that has been producing excellent watches for more than a century, but it is typical in the industry for even the best watch brands to hold value poorly over time. Is this true for Bulova watches as well?

The unfortunate truth is that not all Bulova watches hold their value. These watches are exceptionally well-made, and they are beautiful, but the way these watches hold value is entirely dependent on what materials are used in making them.

Bulova watches that are not made with precious metals do not hold their value at all, and even vintage, good-quality, good-condition Bulova watches only sell for around $50.

However, if a Bulova watch is made with precious metals such as gold, these watches can hold their value well. Bulova watches are known for being made with materials such as rose gold and even 18k gold, which innately holds the value of the watch simply because these materials are so valuable and rarely depreciate over time.

These watches have been known to sell for as much as $15,000 and can be very valuable to the right buyer.

However, modern Bulova watches are yet to be proven to hold their value over time, as these watches are not made in the same way nor with the same materials that vintage Bulova watches were.

For this reason, it is almost impossible to tell if a modern Bulova watch will retain its value unless it is made from very precious materials or if it is bought for a very low price.

Is A Bulova A Good Investment Watch?

Bulova watches are known to be luxury timepieces, and other watches that many consider being in the same category, such as Rolex, are good investment watches, but are Bulova good watches for this purpose?

Some watch brands, such as Rolex and Patek Philippe, are good investment watches, as they usually appreciate value over time, but Bulova watches are unfortunately not a good investment watch.

Very few watch brands are good investment watches, in fact, there are only a handful of watch brands that are considered to be investments, and the only other watches that can be investments are those that were worn by famous people or iconic historical figures.

Bulova watches are generally not considered to be good investments, even if they do contain precious metals such as high-karat gold or other precious metals, as the small amount of these materials used in watchmaking is not usually enough to offset the depreciation of the watch overall.

The main reason why watches do not make good investment items is simply that they do not last forever. A watch that is used will wear out over time, and parts of the watch must therefore be replaced, and every time this occurs, the watch becomes less original, which decreases its value.

Bulova watches are not a good investment, but they are beautiful timepieces, and they are worthwhile if you want a beautiful, well-made, reliable watch.

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Do Bulova Watches Appreciate In Value?

Bulova watches are often made with precious materials, and they are made to last for an exceedingly long time, which leads many to wonder if these watches appreciate in value over time or do they depreciate quickly.

Watches made by Joseph Bulova are generally more likely to appreciate in value than some other watch brands simply because they contain precious metals.

Using high-quality precious metals means that Bulova watches may appreciate depending on the value of the materials, but the relatively small amount of these materials contained in the watch only allows it to appreciate slowly, and the appreciation of the materials may not always be enough to offset the depreciation of the watch itself.

However, with that said, there have been Bulova watches that sold for many thousands of dollars decades after they were made and have appreciated in value significantly. This is true for very specific Bulova watch models made by certain watchmakers in certain periods, but it is not true for the vast majority of watches from the brand.

This means that it is impossible to truly discern if modern Bulova watches with appreciate in value over time or if they will depreciate as most of them do. The only way to know for sure is to wait and see.

What Factors Help Bulova Watches Hold Their Value?

We have established that mot many Bulova watches retain their value, as is true for almost all watch brands, but there are some factors that can cause a Bulova watch to hold its value better than others.

The best way to help a watch to retain its value is to not use it but to keep it maintained well. A watch that is used will depreciate in value as the parts of the timepiece wear out and are replaced. By not using the watch and keeping it from ticking, it will not wear down at all.

However, a watch that is not used still requires maintenance to prevent the mechanisms from seizing and decommissioning the watch altogether.

If a watch is kept in this condition and is made from very valuable materials, as well as if it is made by a good watchmaker at Bulova and made as a limited edition, it is far more likely to retain its value than any other Bulova watch.


At the end of it, Bulova watches do not hold their value better than other watch brands, and there are other brands that make for better investments than Bulova. These watches are beautiful and well-made, but they cannot be considered to be a good investment.

Bulova watches do not hold their value very well, but no watches do. These watches are worthwhile as a reliable timepiece or as a beautiful accessory, but they will depreciate in value over time.


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