More than just a functional accessory to keep track of the time, your watch says a lot about your personal style. A watch can be the final touch needed to complete an outfit, or it can be a stand-out statement piece. There are so many different options to choose from, including the material of the watch band and the shape of the face, one can feel overwhelmed. An excellent place to start is color. So what is the best watch color for brown skin?

From medium to dark brown, the hue of your skin will determine which colors are most complimentary. Most people with brown skin have a warm undertone. Gold or rose gold will be most flattering if the watch strap is metallic. Warm colors like mustard yellow, brown and red will also work well.

We all know that wearing certain color clothes will compliment certain skin tones. It is no different for watches. However, since watches are considered an accessory, you don’t always have to play it safe and can make a statement with bold colors that you would ordinarily steer clear of in your clothing.

What Watch Color Is Best For Brown Skin?

Every skin tone is unique, and there are varying degrees of brown skin, from medium olive to dark brown. Finding the right colors for your complexion can be difficult. Fortunately, most colors are flattering on brown skin.

When it comes to choosing a watch color that is best for brown skin, it really depends on personal choice and taste. It also depends on the type of watch you are looking for.

Do you want your watch to be a stand-out statement piece? Or would you prefer a more subtle, everyday watch?

A Watch That Is Understated And Elegant Should Blend In With Your Skin Tone

A watch that is a similar color to your skin will give you a classic and timeless look. Choosing nude color shoes and accessories continues to be on trend. Nude refers to colors that match your skin tone. Dressing in nude colors creates a clean, modern, and effortless look.

The nude trend works well with watches. A watch featuring a leather strap in an earthy color that matches your skin tone, whether it is beige, tan, caramel, or a deep chocolate color, can be worn to the office, run errands, or on a night out.

If you prefer a metal band, metals in gold, champagne, copper, and rose gold will be most flattering on brown skins. This is not to say that you cannot wear silver if you have brown skin. However, most people with brown skin have a yellow or warm undertone, so metals in warm shades look fabulous against this skin color.

Choose Color To Make A Statement With Your Watch

People with darker skin tones look great in light and pastel colors – as these colors really pop against brown skin. The same is true for watches. Colors to try include lemon yellow, sky blue, dusty pink, and white. You could even choose a watch that features a bright, neon band to make a bold statement. And if there is one color that looks fabulous on all shades of brown skin, from medium to dark, it is orange.

What Colors Are Most Flattering On Medium to Olive Brown Skin

It is easy to inject a bit of color into your outfit with a watch. Deep, muted colors look great on medium brown. Examples of such colors are jade green, navy blue, and dove grey. Jewel tones like cobalt, ruby red, emerald, and violet are also very flattering on medium to olive brown skin.

Should The Watch Dial And Gems Also Be Considered With Skin Tone?

Gem embellishments add a glamorous and feminine touch to watches. The color of the gems and watch dial also impacts how the watch looks against your skin. If you have brown skin with a warm underdone, gems in warm and earthy shades like gold, rust, orange and yellow will look most flattering. And a watch dial in warm colors or white will be very complimentary against your skin.

How To Choose A Watch Based On Your Skin Color

If you want to choose a watch to complement your skin color, the first thing you need to do is determine what your skin tone is. Examine the inside of your wrist in natural light. If your veins apper to be blue or purple, you have a cool undertone. If your veins look green, then you have a warm undertone. If you find it difficult to tell whether your veins are blue or green or if it appears that you have both blue and green veins, then you have a neutral undertone.

Take your time and try on watches in a range of colors, paying attention to how the color of the watch looks against your skin. It is easy to focus on the style and design of the watch and pay little attention to whether the color of the watch complements your skin.

If you have a cool undertone, try on watches in silver and shades of blue, grey, green, and purple.

Look for watches in warm shades like orange, rust, eggplant, and red if you have a warm undertone.

Pretty much all colors can complement skin with a neutral undertone. But it is best to try on colors that you are drawn to and then choose what is most flattering.


There is a wide range of colors that look great on brown skin. If you are going for a timeless, understated yet modern look, go with a watch in a color that is similar to your skin tone. This could be in any number of beige and brown tones or warm metallics like gold, copper, and rose gold.

A watch is a wonderful way to add a pop of color to your outfit or make a statement. Pastel and neon colors make a great contrast on darker brown skins. At the same time, muted and jewel tones look lovely on medium brown skins.


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