Casio’s G Shock range is rated as some of the toughest, if not the toughest, in the world. From their inception, they have brought this resilient, almost impenetrable durability which is an act that has been challenging to follow for their competitors, but which of these watches is the toughest?

The toughest G Shock is probably the Rangeman GW 9400, which is touted and favored by many US military operatives for its incredible durability and resilience. But considering that all G-Shock are pretty rugged, some other G-Shock models are title contenders here too.

Rating the toughest G-Shock is not an easy task. As a better look at the toughest one! Since not everyone needs military-type durability, the toughest G-Shock for you may not need to be the same one that Special Ops would use, so let’s look at some of the toughest G-Shocks available.

A Brief History Of The G-Shock

Engineer Kikuo Ibe was inspired to create the first ‘triple ten’ rated watch after he dropped and accidentally broke a pocket watch that his father had given him. The ‘triple ten’ concept relates to ten-year battery life, impact resistance from 10m (33ft), and water-resistant to 10 bar.

As one of the world’s most famous and recognizable watches and logos, the G-Shock watch from Casio was only first released in 1983 with the DW 500 Model. More than 200 different models and designs preceded this event before the approval of the first G-Shock.

Much like Edison found 2000 ways not to make a lightbulb, so the Casio engineers did the same before unlocking the structural design and formula that led to the creation of a global icon – and for that persistence, we are forever grateful.

The first G-Shock had ten layers of protection, and the concept was finalized after the ‘team tough’ engineers visited a playground and observed that the core of a rubber ball doesn’t suffer the effects of impact and shock after bouncing on a hard surface and this was the catalyst that set off the G-Shock revolution!

How Tough Are G-Shock Watches?

Aside from the fact that Casio offers certified diver’s watches, mud resistance models in the ‘Mudman’ range, and watches that are preferred by soldiers, firefighters, and special forces operatives, they also hold a unique Guinness World Record!

In 2017, officials from Guinness drove a truck weighing 27 tons over the model DW5600E-1, and the watch survived completely intact. To date, no other company’s watch has ever beaten that record, and no other watch has been able to withstand that either- in short, G Shocks are tough as reinforced titanium nails!

The 100 millionth G-Shock was sold in the same year, and not many brands can claim that achievement either!

Now that we know how durable and resistant these watches are, let’s look at the toughest G-Shock along with some of the other models in their range, plus some of the fantastic tech these watches have that adds more to the package than just toughness!

The G-Shock GW-9400-1 CR Rangeman: Casio’s Toughest G-Shock

Introduced in 2013, the Rangerman features a triple sensor that includes an altimeter and barometer, digital compass, and thermometer. These were the first watches, along with the Gulfmaster (released a year later), that had this technology.

Aside from the obvious, this watch includes two additional features, Multi-band 6 radio calibration, and its Tough Solar recharger, so your battery will never die. In the field of combat, that’s a critical aspect to have on your timepiece.

The Multi-Band 6 radio calibration technology allows the watch to synchronize with atomic clock signals transmitted by radio repeaters across the globe. In short, it means the Rangeman and other models fitted with this technology will always be accurate in terms of time.

This model is water-resistant to 20 bar, has five alarms, including sunrise and sunset times, is mud resistant, has a sapphire crystal LCD, and comes with an ultra-rugged design that looks like it could survive a war!

Water-resistant to 660ft, this watch can be used for recreational as well as operational scuba diving, and the large buttons make it easy to use with gloves or big hands – one downside, though, this watch is large and won’t fit well on small wrists and only comes in the digital display.

If you only had the option to buy one G-Shock to last you your entire life and accompany you everywhere, this would be the one to pick as it is rated as the best tactical watch ever made and ranks as the most popular in the Master G series of watches.

Best of all, it won’t break the bank selling for just $230 on Amazon.

G-Shock Rangeman GPR-1000-1JR: Toughest Solar Atomic GPS Smartwatch

This is Casio’s closest model to a smartwatch that you’ll find and features the same ultra-tough properties as the Rangeman GW-9400, except this one has GPS included, making it the most high-tech G-Shock ever produced.

First released in 2018, the GPR-1000 offers the triple sensor functions as per the Rangeman models but adds in Bluetooth and GPS features, and it’s also an atomic synch watch for unrivaled accuracy.

The Solar Though features mean your battery will never run down, and even when used fully, the battery remains charged enough to maintain the essential watch functions. Water-resistant to 20 bar or 660ft, with low-temperature operation so that the watch can operate at temperatures as low as -4F; this watch is also extra-mud and dust resistant.

The carbon-fiber insert renders this watch virtually indestructible, has a ceramic back on the case allowing for wireless charging, and is also one of the biggest models available at 2,24″ in diameter.

The other technology made it an expensive model, selling at around the $800 mark, but this watch has been discontinued as of April 2021, but a new model smartwatch was released in May of 2021.

Casio G-Shock GWG1000-1A3 Mudman – Toughest Analog G Shock

Not everyone prefers the digital display, and Casio (of course) has delivered the same ultra-tough body and features in an analog configuration with the Mudman GWG1000. This concept originated in 1985 when the designers first conceived the idea for extra-tough mud protection.

Any G-Shock labeled ‘Mudman’ is inherently tougher than those that are not, so if it’s an ultra tough analog you want, this is the watch for you. It also has a triple sensor feature of the Rangeman, as well as the Tough Solar and Multi-Band 6 sync making this the toughest analog G-Shock around.

The analog configuration makes this watch more expensive than the standard digital format, and this beast sells for $536 on Amazon, but when analog tough is what you need, analog tough is what you’ll get!

Casio G-Shock GSW-H1000-1CR: Toughest Smart G-Shock Watch

As global demand for smart watches rose considerably in the late 2010s, Casio opted to jump in and produced the world’s toughest smart watches- the GSW-1000. Like its predecessors, it is water-resistant to 20-bar and shock-resistant, of course.

Modern smartwatches are, for the most part, reasonably tough, but none come as tough as this one, and it’s packed with excellent features, too; considering its lineage, below is the list of features offered in one rugged package:

  • GPS
  • Step counter
  • Barometer, altimeter, compass
  • Gyrometer
  • Tide and moon age graphs
  • Color maps with five save locations available offline
  • Fishing timer and vibrational alerts

But, as the ad goes, wait, there’s more and a whole lot more!

This smartwatch also has fitness tracking features like a VO2 max monitor and heart rate monitor. It offers FIFTEEN activities that include trail and road running, road and off-road cycling, swimming, surfing, sailing, and stand-up paddleboarding, to name a few!

It also records fitness data such as pace, time, heart rate, calories burned, distance, and speed, as well as target heart rate alert plus a microphone for using Google Assistant, and is also wi-fi equipped.

The OS Wear app is the default one for the watch, but through the PlayStore, it offers the wearer access to thousands of apps it’s the ruggedness of this watch is the stand-out feature! Most smartwatches, even the Garmin diving watches, are only rated to 100m (330ft), and the Apple 6 only has a rating of 50m(165ft).

With comparable functionality with any notable brands but far superior shock, dust, mud, and water resistance, this G-Shock is the toughest smartwatch right now and is priced at $699. It is more than the Apple Series 6 but is unsurpassed for toughness! 

G-Shock GWM5610-1: Toughest Smallest G-Shock

The G-Shocks discussed above are large, imposing watches designed to instill fear in any obstacle, but not everyone needs or wants a 2,5″ watch on their wrist. This model is almost a replica of the original 1983 square-face design but has more modern features similar to its big brothers!

This G-Shock includes the Solar Atomic feature, which will sync to the atomic clock radio signals for exceptional and consistent accuracy and utilize solar power to remain charged throughout the day.

The hands-free backlight, which is also featured in the Rangeman models, allows you to activate the backlight with a shake of your wrist, and because this is so compact, coming in at 1,69″ in diameter and just 0,5″ thick, it can be worn easily under shirts and jackets and by men, women, and kids.

At just under $112 on Amazon, this tough but slim and easy-wearing watch will handle all you could throw at it, and keep on smiling!

Casio G-Shock DW9052-1V: Toughest Cheapest G-Shock

With most of the models above retailing at well over $100, some folks need a more affordable option, but one that is just as tough as the higher-priced models – enter the DW9052-1V.

Retailing for $46 on Amazon, you may expect some compromise on the toughness due to the price; Casio has not done that as this watch is still water-resistant to 20 bar as per the other models in the G-Shock range.

Now that we have the toughness issue out of the way, the watch has only the basic features such as time, alarm, date, stopwatch, countdown, calendar, backlight, and front EL button. However, at 1,9″ in diameter, it still leaves an imposing silhouette on your wrist.

Casio G-Shock GPW-2000-1A Gravity Master- Toughest Aviation G-Shock

The aviation model ‘Beast’ as this model is rated as Triple-G rated, meaning it has three times the resistance to gravity and vibration. According to Casio, this watch can operate at 15 G’s, which is considerable and makes it an ideal timepiece for military pilots that need ultra-tough at 50 000 feet!

Aside from its impressive durability, the GPW 2000 also features the Multi-Band 6 sync, Bluetooth and GPS, and it has latitude and longitude displays on the 6 and 9 positions, respectively. For pilots, this watch has a ‘Mission Stamp’ feature, a flight log function that records time and positioning information at the touch of a button.

Using the sapphire crystal display and carbon fiber for the secondhand makes this model lighter than its predecessor. Even though the watch is quite large at almost 2,6″ in diameter, Casio’s screwless attachment system ensures the watch doesn’t come loose under extensive vibration. The watch carries a JIS Class 1 anti-magnetic rating.

As the toughest G-Shock in the aviation range, this watch would cost around $800, so it is expensive. Still, again, these watches will outlast most planes, so they are well worth the investment, and if you are doing some high-flying and need a timepiece that will fly as hard and as high as you want, then this is the watch you need.


As you can see, G-Shocks have a place in every environment, from military to aviation, civilian, law enforcement, adventurer, and everyday wear. That place is well-deserved, too, with their accuracy and resilience speaking for themselves.

Casio’s G-Shock range of watches continues to intrigue, inspire, and amaze us with their technology, design, innovation, and of course, their legendary toughness. We wonder what the next offering from Casio’s most formidable watch range will be.


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