A wristwatch is a great way to read the time when you don’t have your phone by your side or when you want to read the time more modern and stylishly. However, like all material things, watches could run slow or fast, resulting in problems. Is it better for a watch to run fast or slow?

Generally, a watch that runs fast is better than running slow. This is because a watch that runs fast would usually result in the person being too early for an appointment event or flight. If a watch runs slow, it could result in tardiness and being late for a specific event.

There are many reasons why your watch may be running fast or slow, but luckily, you can also do many things to correct it. Continue reading with us as we discuss why a watch may be running fast or slow and what you can do to help it run perfectly in time again!

Why Would A Watch Run Fast?

When a watch runs fast, it could be because of a few different things. The first reason is that the watch’s impact altered the spring’s key.

Secondly, the spring might also be clinging together. If you have dropped your watch or the watch has experienced a harsh impact, it could have caused the last winding in the spring to skip forward.

If your watch goes as fast as several hours each day, the balance spring might have been magnetized and needs to be repaired.

Lastly, suppose you don’t remember when your watch was serviced. In that case, the movement may require professional service at your nearest jeweler or watch repairing shop.

Why Would A Watch Run Slow?

A few reasons for a slow watch could also be because of damage caused by impact, as the impact could cause the dial to move and create a binding on the digits. This is the most frequent and most well-known problem for a watch running slow.

Also, the impact of the watch could play a significant role in altering the spring’s key.

How To Fix A Slow Or Fast Watch

There are a few ways you can fix a watch that’s running either fast or slow, and not every solution requires a costly service or repair.

Let’s take a look at each of your options below:

Check Your Movement In General

The first step to fixing your slow or fast watch would be to understand how your watch works and with what accuracy. There are many free apps available to check how accurate your watch is over 24 hours.

However, the easiest and best way to check your movement’s performance is by using a timegrapher. A timegrapher is a machine or a tool that you can use to listen to the beats of your watch’s movement by displaying it on a screen.

It can give you more information about the beat rate of the watch’s movement, amplitude, and beat error in just a few seconds!

This will allow you to get accurate and detailed information about the health of your movement. Knowing the health of your watch’s movement will enable you to solve any potential issues accordingly and see if your movement has any accuracy issues.

You May Need To Demagnetize Your Watch

More often than not, the reason for a watch running slow or fast is because it may be magnetized. If this seems to be the case, you need to demagnetize it again. You can either get a demagnetizer or leave it up to the professionals!

A professional can demagnetize your watch in only a few seconds. If you’re worried about the costs of demagnetizing a look, don’t be, as it is very costly and definitely worth the dime.

Your Watch May Need To Be Regulated

In some cases, you don’t have to jump to the conclusion that your watch needs full service. Your watch may only need to be regulated. When it comes to regulating a watch, it mostly means adjusting its beat rate to compensate for running too slow or too fast.

Regulating a movement is a straightforward fix and can be done within a few minutes.

Adjust The Movement Of Your Watch

Another way you can fix your watch that runs too slow or too fast would be by adjusting its movement. Changing the movement of a watch is done by adjusting the balance wheel.

It is done so that the balance is adjusted to other positions, which can otherwise negatively affect its accuracy.

Send Your Watch For A Service Or Complete Overhaul

The most popular reason for a watch to run slow or too fast is usually because it requires a complete overhaul and a service.

A watch could be very similar to your var, as its oils need to be changed, some parts may need to be fixed or replaced, and adjustments may need to be made.

Of course, different watch brands will have different recommended service intervals, and it is up to you to know the servicing intervals of yours. However, some watch brands will simply state that it would only be time for a service when the watch stops working.

When a complete overhaul is necessary, the watchmaker would disassemble the movement entirely and clean it. Then, each part will be inspected, replacing worn-out and broken parts.

Then, the movement will be reassembled, parts will be lubricated, and the movement will be tested for accuracy.

If your watch is very old, you may need to consider that it needs a complete overhaul. However, if your watch is still fairly new or just a few years old, it would probably not require a complete overhaul.


If you notice your watch running too slow or too fast, it would be best to consider all your options to fix it as soon as possible. Having an inaccurate watch could result in many problems as it worsens, ultimately making you late for a meeting, a flight, or an important event.

Being on time is always appreciated, and an accurate watch will ensure you don’t disappoint anyone!


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