The world of luxury watches can be challenging to navigate. It is difficult to know which brands are worthwhile, what a good price for a particular watch is, and how to find the best watch for your budget. This leaves many wondering how to get a good deal on a good watch.

To find a good deal on a watch, it is best to buy online due to the larger selection and easier access to discounts and sales. Otherwise, look for sales at retailers, haggle with retail staff, look on the pre-owned market, consider a lesser-known brand, or ask an enthusiast to find the best deal.

The reality of the world of luxury watches is that everything is expensive, but there are some great ways to get a fantastic watch for a good deal; all it takes is a little know-how. Let’s take the time to consider the best ways to locate a good deal on a high-end watch and find the best watch for the money.

How To Find A Good Deal On A Watch?

Buying a good watch is an intricate process. Looking for the best watch you can afford can take time, and it always involves hours of research, dreaming, and hunting. Luxury watches are truly special items, and finding the right one for you is a fantastic feeling.

However, the world of luxury watches is expensive, and finding a good deal on a luxury watch can feel impossible. Almost every watch that falls into this category is shockingly expensive, but this is just the reality of the industry.

However, with that said, there are some ways to find a good deal on a luxury watch, and if you are willing to take the time and put in the effort, you can find a great deal on the watch of your dreams.

It is important to remember that a good deal on a watch does not always mean that the watch is cheap, but it does mean that the watch is available for a good price or a significantly lower price than it is usually sold for.

With that said, there is always some way to get a good deal on a great watch if you know where to look and what to look for.

Let’s explore some of the best ways to get a good deal on a watch, luxury or otherwise.

Buy Online

The best way to get a good deal on a watch, and the method that most enthusiasts recommend, is to buy the watch online.

The advantages of buying a watch online includes the fact that you have access to an almost infinite selection of watches rather than the significantly smaller selection available at a physical retailer.

When buying watches online, it is easy to find specials, sales, discounts, coupons, once-off discount codes, and even watches for sale in other countries that may be less expensive than where you live.

Buying a watch online makes it possible to purchase internationally, with access to the entire internet to help you, rather than settling for what you can find in your local area.

The best way to find a good deal and pay the least for a great watch is to buy online, regardless of where you are in the world, the type of watch you are looking for, and the budget you have to spend.

Look For Sales

Another good way to find a deal on a watch is to keep an eye out for specials. Most jewelers, watch retailers and even watch brands have annual or bi-annual sales, especially when new watch models are launched or a company brings out a new range.

Jewelers and watch retailers need to make inventory space for the new merchandise, which usually forces them to sell their existing stock at significantly reduced prices. The same is true for online retailers, as they still require physical space to store their inventory.

Even the biggest names in the business hold sales from time to time, and during these sales is the best time to get a good deal on a watch directly from the manufacturer.

Larger companies that produce higher volumes of watches, such as Rolex, are more like to have a sale, as more niche companies, such as Patek Philippe, that can hold onto a watch indefinitely are highly unlikely to have a sale.

This means that it is a good idea to pay attention to larger retailers’ and manufacturers’ websites and physical branches to find out when they launch a sale, as the sale can reduce the price of your dream watch significantly.


Haggling may seem strange when purchasing an expensive watch, but the reality is that most major brands, large retailers, and jewelers have a larger profit margin on most watches. This means that a salesperson can sell a watch, earn a good commission, and give you a good deal on the watch without the establishment losing profit.

Almost all major watch brands, except for Rolex, have a markup of at least 25% above profit. This means that if your tongue is silver enough, you can negotiate a better price on almost any watch at a physical retailer.

All it takes is letting the salesperson know that you want to buy the watch, ensuring that they make a commission but also that you understand how the markup on the merchandise works.

This is usually enough to secure a good discount on the watch you want, so long as you pay for the watch entirely, preferably in cash.

Haggling may seem to strangle for this type of purchase or interaction, but it is an excellent way to get a good deal. This is only an option for in-person purchases, but it can be a highly effective method if you are brave enough.

Consider A Lesser-Known Brand

A great way to get a decent deal on an excellent watch is to consider brands other than the biggest in the business.

A significant portion of the price of a big-name watch such as Audemars Piquet is the brand association. These watches cost more because a famous name makes them.

However, some watches are made to the same level of quality and functionality as these big-name watches but at a tiny fraction of the price.

If you are not concerned about the watch brand, and all you are after is a good-quality, high-grade watch that is good enough to pass along to generations, there are several watchmakers to consider aside from the biggest name brands.

For example, watchmakers such as Farer and Namos are excellent watchmakers from Switzerland and produce watches of the same quality as brands such as Rolex. These watches are not a compromise on quality, craftsmanship, or reliability; they only cost less because they are from a smaller brand.

Take Your Time

An essential part of finding a good deal on a watch is taking your time when looking for the right one. It is always a mistake to hastily purchase a watch, as there are always good deals to be had if you are patient.

There are some benefits to buying a watch quickly if it is suddenly on sale or if you happen upon a watch for an excellent deal, but most instances require patience and taking one’s time to get the best possible price.

Take your time and wait for the watch you want to come on sale or arrive at an auction before rushing into the first discount you can find. There are always good watches for sale somewhere if you look for them, and sooner or later, the watch that you desire will become available at a good price.

Watches last a very long time, and they have very good resale value, which means that the market is always ripe with good-quality, high-end watches that are available for a good deal. Be patient, and you will find the right deal eventually.

Consider The Pre-Owned Market

Luxury watches are exceptionally well-made and designed to last for generations. The materials and craftsmanship that go into making a very high-end watch mean that they usually outlive their owners if they are taken care of.

This means that most luxury watches on the pre-owned market are usually in very good condition and function perfectly. Some pre-owned watches have sustained damage or need a service, but the majority of the watches that you can buy second-hand are in excellent condition.

There are plenty of luxury watches that appreciate in value after MSRP, but there are also plenty of models that become more affordable when they change hands. This means that you will find a watch that suits your criterion on the pre-owned market and find a good deal along the way.

There are many good deals on the pre-owned watch market, and this is an excellent way to find a good price for your dream watch, but there are a few things to consider if you opt for this route.

The second-hand watch market is flooded with fakes and replicas with little or no value. Several watches are made to substandard quality, and there are pre-owned watches that are for sale because they require a service or are damaged somehow.

For these reasons, when looking on the second-hand market, it is critical to only use reputable websites and services and to purchase watches from trusted sources.

A watch should come with its paperwork proving authenticity, and if you can, get a second opinion from a watchmaker, an enthusiast with an understanding of watches, or someone who can verify the authenticity of a timepiece.

The pre-owned market is shark-infested waters, but if you have the strength for it, you can find a great deal on watches here.

Make Friends With A Collector

Another way to find a good deal on a watch is to join a community of enthusiasts or contact a watch collector. Becoming friendly with people like this will afford you insider knowledge of the watch world that will grant you access to better deals than you can usually find at regular retailers.

The community of watch enthusiasts and collectors is an excellent resource for anyone who wants a good deal on a good watch. This community knows where to find the best deals, they often trade, buy, and sell watches, and they know how to look for a good watch at a good price.

These people often have connections within the watch that affords them good prices, discounts, sales, and early access to watches that most people do not know about.

If you want to get the best watch possible, try to get yourself into a community like this, preferably in your local area, and ask them to help you find the best deal possible.

This comes with the benefit of meeting new people with a similar interest to you and meeting experts on the subject of watches which can teach you a great deal more than you may learn on your own.

Look For Watch And Jewelry Auctions

Auctions are another easy way to find a good deal on a watch. Many auctions and auction houses are conducted to earn any money possible for merchandise and goods that would otherwise turn no profit, which means they can be sold for very low prices.

If you know a good watch when you see one, and if you know what to look for in a good watch, you may spot something that someone else at the auction does not, which may land you an excellent deal on a great watch.

These auctions are not very common, and it can be exceedingly difficult to find an auction selling a watch, but there are several in-=person and online auction houses that routinely sell watches, so look at as many of these auction houses as you can and keep an eye out for exciting watches.

There are many hidden gems in auction houses, and bidding on items has been made easy by the internet. Take a gamble at finding a watch at an auction, and you may find the deal of a lifetime.


Finding a good deal on a watch can be difficult, but a good can be found almost anywhere if you have the patience and know what to look for. Take your time when buying a new watch, and you are sure to find a sale, a discount, or an auction that is selling the watch you desire for a lower price.

Consider the second-hand market, look for lesser-known brands, and make friends with enthusiasts, and your dream watch will be easy to find!


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