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Everyone thinks about bartering when they want to buy something. If you can haggle when you’re about to buy something as big as a car, watches should be no different. So, can you haggle watch prices?

Certain brands, like Rolex, forbid retailers from offering discounts, making it impossible for customers to haggle over brand-new luxury watch prices. Nevertheless, anyone can barter when they buy a used watch, though people with no experience haggling shouldn’t try to push vendors too far.

Although you can’t haggle brand-new luxury watch prices, you can still look for an opportunity when visiting a retail store or buying a used watch. Understanding when it’s acceptable to haggle is key.

Is Haggling Acceptable When Purchasing A Watch?

That depends on the kind of watch you want. You can barter for any used watch, no matter which one. Nevertheless, certain brands, like Rolex, forbid retailers from offering discounts under any circumstances.

There’s no hurt in trying to haggle. In a best-case scenario, you get to spend a little less and feel the satisfaction of a well-done job. If that doesn’t happen, you still have the opportunity to buy a great watch for its full price like everyone else.

What’s The Best Way To Barter When Buying A Watch?

Offering to pay in cash often increases the chance of spending less on something. It’s far from a high-percentage move, but it’s the best one you can try. You have to ask for a better price when you want it, no matter what you want to buy.

Decide on a strategy before attempting to haggle the price. Bartering for beginners is far from easy, and going to the store without knowing what to do will seldom help you pay less for a watch.

Is It Easy To Negotiate When Buying A Watch?

Negotiating is never easy, especially for a beginner. It’ll be close to impossible when it comes to buying brand-new luxury watches. Nevertheless, there’s a small wiggle room in retail stores and an even bigger one if you want to buy a used watch.

The key factor behind a successful haggle is asking. You’ll have even better chances to succeed if you pay with cash because you’ll avoid credit card fees.

A good strategy for a beginner barter is to set a fixed amount of cash you’re willing to spend and let the salesman know it. At the same time, you need to know to stop when bartering. Sometimes, a lower price is not an option.

How Do I Get Discounts On Luxury Watches?

You can get up to 20% off any used watch you buy without its papers. It’s important to note that paperwork helps you verify a watch’s authenticity, so you should try this method if you know about the product you want to purchase.

Certain brands have an unspoken rule regarding bartering, while others won’t allow it under any circumstances. For example, Rolex won’t allow it, no matter what.

Regularly purchasing watches from the same store may help you get a discount if the owner wants to keep you as a customer.

When buying used goods, watches included, you may try to barter with the seller to see what happens. You’ll get a discount more often than not.

Which Watch Dealers Allow Haggling?

Authorized dealers rarely allow haggling when you want to purchase a luxury watch. Nevertheless, you may find the opportunity to do so for certain brands. That said, you can barter for any watch you want when buying a used one.

Salesmen work for a commission, so you’ll find some wiggle room in certain scenarios. You’ll find no room for brand-new high-end luxury watches like Rolex and Patek Philippe.

When you’re buying a used watch, feel free to barter. Nevertheless, don’t push your luck too hard until the other party gets upset and shuts you down. Buying used watches often presents an opportunity to get a luxury product for a discount, but that won’t happen if you try to lower the price even more than expected.

Do Luxury Watches Go On Sale?

Brand-new luxury watches rarely go on sale. In certain scenarios, you may find a luxury watch for less than usual, but that means you’re about to buy a model with either low demand, poor performance, or both. In extremely rare scenarios, you may find something great for a low price.

Sometimes, you may find there’s one too many of the same thing on the market. A certain watch model may go on sale if there’s an oversupply. The demand may plummet if news of poor performance breaks out as well.

Then again, buying these watches may not be a good strategy if you want to invest in one. There’s a high chance they’ll never increase in value. More likely than not, a watch you bought on sale will decrease in value over time.

When Is The Perfect Time To Buy A Watch?

January is the go-to month for discounts and good watch prices. More often than not, watches go up in price during the holiday season for an obvious increase in demand. Once things settle down after New Year’s eve, you can start bargain hunting.

Retail stores will offer a few discounts to move a few products during January, which is an incredibly dry time for sales, especially when you compare it to the November and December craze.

You have to hunt for good deals year-round when it comes to buying used watches from private parties. There are no seasonal opportunities in this area, though it’s not hard to find an opportunity if you look.

Do Luxury Watches Appreciate In Value?

Luxury watches may appreciate in value depending on the brand and model. Breitling, Patek Philippe, and Rolex are great investment opportunities since these watches will increase in value over time.

Nevertheless, collectors care about specific models, so you probably won’t purchase the right ones without researching.

Scarcity often plays a big part in determining whether a watch will be a good investment or not. The more watches you’ll find for sale, the less they will be worth. It’s supply and demand.

That said, you’ll make a nice profit when you choose the right watch. The most sought-after watches increase in value by more than 10% annually.


You can haggle watch prices in certain scenarios, but don’t expect to barter when purchasing brand-new luxury watches like Rolex or Breitling. When you look for used watches, you can try to barter, though pushing it too far may make you lose what could be an already-good deal.


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