Wearing yellow gold watches has been slightly controversial – are they classy or too flashy? With many other materials available for watches, such as stainless steel and platinum, gold watches seem to have lost some popularity.

Gold watches are not popular due to the perception of gold watches being flashy, tacky, and overall excessive. The decline in popularity also includes the increase in popularity of other watches, like steel watches. Market trends have shown that gold watch sales have reduced over the years.

The market demand for gold watches has also decreased, showing that they are not as trendy as many other types of watches. However, some watch enthusiasts and experts argue that gold watches are making a comeback and that they will not completely go out of fashion.

Why Are Gold Watches Not Popular?

Many people have raised the opinion that gold watches are not popular. The decline in popularity has been because gold is more prominently associated with jewelry, and watches do not fall directly into that category. Specifically, these opinions related to yellow gold watches and no rose gold or white gold.

Another reason why gold watches may not be so trendy is that people often assume that gold watches appear to be a bit flashy. The relatively old perception is that gold watches belong to those wearing excessive golden jewelry around their necks with several gold rings.

It might not quite fit into many people’s everyday style but be more of a statement piece. Gold watches seem to go best with colors like browns, tans, and more neutral earth colors. While this might not be everyone’s wardrobe colors, steel watches could be better to pair with a larger variety of colors.

Of course, this perception also depends on the style of the watch and how much gold is involved. It depends on the watch’s size and the particular design too. A gold watch can be flashy and even tacky, but it can also be elegant and understated. If the design is minimalistic, it can look classy, with gold not being the main attraction.

The way a gold watch is worn also influences its popularity. It can look great if it is the statement piece of an otherwise classy but plain look. However, if it is an addition to many other glitzy pieces of jewelry and clothing, it could be seen as too much bling.

The lack of popularity of gold watches may be due to steel watches becoming increasingly popular. For many years, yellow gold watches have appeared to place second after more practical watches made from steel. The luxury watch industry, for instance, the Rolex brand, has also shown this pattern. Stainless steel watches might have replaced more delicate yellow gold watches over time.

White gold and rose gold configurations may have been slightly more popular than yellow gold watches due to their more subtle nature. These variations of gold also seamlessly fit into daily outfits that can be dressed up or dressed down.

Market And Demand Trends Of Gold Watches

Watch trends change constantly, but one factor that plays a role is the price of watches. Gold watches are often quite pricey. The market trends can say a lot about how popular certain watches are. According to market trends from the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry in 2016/17, yellow gold watch sales declined by about 25%.

This percentage showed a significant decline in gold watch sales, perhaps reflecting the decrease in popularity and the expensive nature of gold watches. On the other hand, the reports showed a significant increase in sales of steel watches. The market trends clearly show that gold watches went through a dip and possibly are still going through one.

While the market trends show differences in sales, there are also changes in the market demand. The market demand indicates if the demand for certain watches can keep up with their supply. The need for gold watches, in particular, was not as high, and there ended up being a surplus in luxury watch manufacturers like Patek Philippe.

One of the reasons the demand can’t keep up may be because the market for gold watches is more wealthy people. Fewer people want or can afford gold watches. Another reason is that there are always changes in purchasing habits in the current economy.

Have Gold Watches Been Popular?

Some argue that gold watches these days are, in fact, highly popular, especially in high-end social circles. Gold is also an investment and never loses its value. Ultimately, yellow gold watches can be popular (or not) depending on market trends, demand trends, and your personal preference.

Another issue is that many critics of yellow gold watches generalize their thoughts about all watches with even a hint of gold. Because one gold watch may seem excessive and tacky, it doesn’t necessarily mean that all god watches are.

The design, other materials, and general style of the watch are arguably more important features than the gold itself. An example of a classic and understated gold watch is the Cartier Tank Louis Large Model. This watch is elegant, with the gold features making it only more sophisticated.

Some watch enthusiasts believe that even though gold watches may be in a popularity dip at the moment, they will never go out of style. As with most fashion trends, at some point, gold watches will return to the pedestal where it will be an investment and a statement to wear one.

However, looking at yellow gold watches more broadly, it seems that other watch materials such as stainless are becoming more popular. It may be because of the durable material but also because of the modern and contemporary look.


The main reason gold watches are not so popular is that they have long been associated with being too flashy, accompanied by a bunch of other gold jewelry. Market trends also show that different types of watches, like stainless steel watches, have more demand and sales.


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