A leather watch is a classical accessory and has remained fashion-forward since the beginning of time (yes, pun intended!). In earlier years of wearing watches, people used leather watches for special occasions, like when wearing formal wear, but nowadays, people wonder if you can wear a leather watch daily.

Leather watches can be worn daily with casual wear but is prone to wear and tear with creasing and color fading. Leather can wear out, so have multiple watches to give your straps time to breathe. Sweat and water can degrade the leather and cause quicker damage. Leather is prone to wear and tear.

If you want to know how to continue wearing a leather watch daily and preserve the bands from wearing out too quickly, read further and get all the information you will need.

Can You Wear A Leather Watch Daily?

There is no exact answer that gives a direct yes or no because when it comes to fashion, accessories, hairstyles, makeup, etc., what works for one person may not work for the next. Every person’s style is unique, and everyone enjoys wearing their personal items in a way that makes them feel good.

Leather watches are a classic accessory. Pairing them with formal and casual wear is a personal choice. But for someone who only knows it to fit for formal occasions, you might be questioning if it would suit your daily casual style.

Since leather watches are such a timeless piece, they tend to complement all types of dressing. Some stylists say you can’t wear it with a tracksuit, but a leather watch can complete your look depending on your style and the type of tracksuit you wear.

Leather watches also look good with a summer dress, jeans and t-shirt and can even look good with a sweater. Clothing and accessories are less about the fashion trends, do’s and don’ts, and more about how you carry yourself, the confidence you allude to, and how you wear your items.

Someone who lacks the confidence to pull off a leather watch with jeans will probably never agree to wear one daily and casually. Someone who does have the confidence will likely pull it off wearing style.

While leather watches for daily wear are totally acceptable, there are several reasons you shouldn’t do that or find feasible solutions and alternatives to prevent your leather watch from degrading. We discuss this in later points.

Do Leather Watches Look Better With Casual Or Formal Wear?

Since we have already established that leather watches go well with any style, be it with daily casual or office wear, or the occasional formal wedding party, let’s find out which style they suit best.

Leather watches will always look best with formal wear. It is the ideal complementary accessory for those dressier occasions. It can tie your look together and look incredible with a shirt or fancy dress. Leather watches are the ultimate addition to your formal style for any occasion.

That does not mean that leather watches don’t look good with daily casual wear. They still complement everyday clothing styles and also office and business wear. A leather watch will look as good as you make it according to your fashion choice and the confidence you carry with it.

Are Leather Watches Durable For Daily Wear?

When you use something daily, like a belt, a phone case, a handbag, a ring, or a wallet, you will need it to be durable and survive different environments. The same applies to your daily watch. A metal watch will last longer since it is less prone to wear and tear, while a leather watch will wear out more quickly.

Here is why it is not recommended to wear a leather watch daily:

  • Leather is a delicate material, and excessive wear will lead to the leather losing its essence.
  • Leather watch straps get creased at the folds and holes over time, making the watch look old and worn out.
  • Leather should not be in contact with water or sweat. Wearing it daily with possible sweating= will lead to the straps fading in color and leather degrading.
  • If it gets wet from hand washing, rain, or drink-spilling accidents, there is no way the leather will fully recover even if you clean and leave it to dry.
  • The leather itself causes sweating and needs breathing time.
  • Not everyone can pull off a leather watch with daily casual wear, like when wearing shorts or gym clothes.

If you are keen on wearing a leather watch daily, you can do a few things to help make it last longer and save it from wearing out too quickly.

How To Preserve A Leather Watch?

If you love leather watches and want to wear them every day or as often as possible, there are things you need to remember and do to preserve the leather straps on your watch so that you can avoid wearing them out for as long as possible. They are listed below:

Try to have more than one leather watch. That way, you can alternate wearing them. While one is getting a day or two to breathe, you can use the other and then swap again.

Ensure that you are not overexposed to liquids or the sun. If your hands need to be in the water past your wrist, remove the watch and ensure that your skin is thoroughly dry before wearing it again.

Avoid wearing your leather watch if you will be out in the sun for a long time because leather causes you to sweat faster, and if you do sweat, it can degrade the leather straps and cause fading. The sun can also cause fading and drying of leather, so avoiding overexposure is best.

Use good quality leather cleaning products to clean and refresh your leather watch straps. If you wear it daily, it will require more care.

Watch YouTube videos on how to wear and remove your leather watch appropriately to prevent bending the straps excessively, which can cause creases and tears much faster.

Remove your watch before working out, swimming, or any activities that may include water, sweating, or excessive sun exposure. You can make this easier by carrying your watch pouch and placing it safely in your bag/purse or pocket.


Leather watches can be worn daily and are a classic complement to any style. They suit formal wear best, but if you choose your look well and carry yourself confidently and comfortably, a leather watch can truly look fantastic with casual outfits. It is necessary to take care of your leather watch correctly, especially if you wear it daily.


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