Perhaps you have bought a watch with a 20mm strap, but it seems too small now. Or you want to try out different size straps on your watches. It is a common and popular practice for watch enthusiasts to use additional straps to switch up styles and colors.

A 22mm strap can fit on a 22mm lug width, which is common with leather or rubber watch straps. You can squeeze the 22mm to fit for some watches, but you might have a few subtle creases. You could also trim the strap width with other watches to match the lug width perfectly.

There are different reasons why people like to wear other size watch straps. Sports watches may suit a 22mm or even larger strap. However, fine vintage watches might look better with a thinner strap. Furthermore, there are two ways in which you can fit a 22mm strap on a 20mm lug width.

Will A 22mm Strap Fit A 20mm?

As a 22mm watch strap is larger than a 20mm, you may think you’ll need to trim the ends of the 22mm to make it fit. The edges make a little crease, but depending on the style of the strap, you may not even notice this. However, many watches allow for a 22mm strap to fit a 20mm.

Some watches do require a bit of trimming and modification. If you plan to do this by yourself, you’ll need to get some sandpaper (medium/fine), sanding stone, or a razor blade. You’ll have to be careful in the trimming process to tale off just enough for the 22mm to fit the lugs.

The watches that you can modify the most are those with rubber straps. You can fit a 22mm and sometimes even a 24mm onto a 20mm lug. It may be a little challenging to put a 22mm strap on a watch suited for a 20mm.

One method is to put the 22mm strap on top of the 20mm strap and then use a blade to cut away the extra exposed parts of the 22mm at the spring bar end.

You can also do strap modifications with leather straps. The problem with DIY is it may not look like a ‘factory finish’. If you doubt that you’ll be able to do it yourself, it is best to take the strap and the watch to your nearest watchmaker so they can do it for you.

Others say you can squeeze the 22mm strap to fit the 20mm watch. This method can work for both leather and rubber straps. A common perception is that a 20mm strap is too skinny and not that comfortable.

Therefore, some people prefer to use a 22mm, without buying an entirely new watch. Some watches even wear a 222 better than a 20mm. For instance, the Citizen Eco-Drive 4×4 Limited is a watch that can also wear a 22mm strap.

The Difference Between A 22mm And A 20mm Strap

There are several different watch strap sizes available. Different sizes exist because there is no ideal or one size fits all. Some watches are compatible with more oversized straps (for instance, a sports watch), and others look better with smaller ones (like a vintage watch).

A watch has two pairs of lugs (4 lugs in total) which are the attachments for the straps. The distance between the two lugs is the width that must align with the strap width. This distance is measured in millimeters and has quite a wide range, from about 18mm to 26mm.

The most common width for men’s watches is 20mm; however, many prefer a 22mm. A 22mm watch strap will have 1mm extra on either side of the lugs. This measurement doesn’t sound like much but depending on the strap material and the lugs, it can make quite a difference.

If you want to know your watch strap size, you can look for a stamp on the underside. For instance, 22 would indicate the strap would fit a 22mm lug width.

Why Would You Want To Fit A 22mm Strap On A 20mm?

Many people think that a 20mm strap looks too narrow, especially concerning some watch faces. A 22mm strap suits the face a bit better. However, if you find a watch you like, but the only problem is the width of the strap, you could replace the strap yourself.

Aesthetics are also important for people when wearing a watch. The strap and watch face should look good together. Sometimes, a 20mm strap can make the watch, in general, look too small. Sometimes it is also good to have a different style and color straps that can fit on the same watch. It provides different looks without buying several watches, saving quite a bit of money.

There are also style guides that show a framework for what case diameter would look good with what strap width. The larger the case diameter, the larger the strap width to look in proportion. For example, if the watch’s case diameter is 40mm, then a 20mm strap would be considered appropriate. However, these are only guidelines and don’t fit every watch style.

Sometimes watch straps also break or become worn down over time. Without having to buy a new watch, you can easily replace the straps and, while doing so, decide whether you want a slightly bigger strap width, like a 22mm.

Watch straps are designed considering the ergonomics of a watch to provide a secure fit and comfort. Another reason is comfort. A smaller, skinnier watch can be less comfortable, whereas a bigger one, like 22mm, might be more comfortable.


A 2mm watch strap can fit on a 20mm lug width. The two ways of doing this include squeezing the strap so that it fits tightly or trimming the edges so that it serves as a 20mm would. Leather or rubber watch straps are the best to use here. A 22mm strap can change the comfort and style of a 20mm watch.


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